December Roundup

14 days into the new year and I have yet to give a shout out for the events/things/people/etc that made my December 2012 amazing. I guess I have been putting it off because that month didn’t take off so well, as I mentioned on my November 2012 sendoff post. But towards the last two weeks of the month, things picked up and all was well again. Smile

Thank you for:

  • > The two Christmas parties I got to attend – the official company Christmas bash at the PICC, and the Friendship Christmas Party that was SO. MUCH. FUN. Two parties. I missed the YP Christmas Party for the second straight year (a gathering with friends from ECPAT/YP-ACSEC).
  • > Having spent a LOT of time with my family. My parents had full two weeks (or was it more?) of holidays, and my brother’s family was here the whole time. We got to spend the holidays with Amir! That was definitely the highlight of the month, if not of the year!
  • And I am so so proud of my nephew. He recognizes shapes and numbers, and a lot of things! He sat down to flip through this magazine and pointed out cars and buildings (which he calls towers). Also in the photo are the small transport-themed toys Alfred and I got him for his birthday. Smile
  • > Unexpected gifts! A pair of earrings is among the favorites! But the biggest one came from the boyfriend, he got me an iPhone5! Woot! SmileI so love my new phone.
  • > iPad Mini – I got this for myself. It’s engraved too: Live. Capture Life. Tell Stories. Then my blog URLs are there too. I’ve used it to blog twice so far, and it was a smooth experience. I’ll be using it more and more.
  • > My new godson! Andrei, baby boy of my good friend Mayeen, was Christened on December 2. Hope to see a lot of you, and soon!
  • > Amigurumi class! I made my first two Amigurumis after attending a class at CraftMNL. Here’s the red kitten I started during the workshop:
  • > Another “Start” at work. I was transferred to a new LOB in mid December and it’s been a smooth ride so far. Things are challenging, but not hopeless.


I’m pretty sure there are so much more I should be thankful for in December. But these are just among the few that stand out.

Perhaps it’s fitting to end with a very short prayer: “Lord, thank you for all the blessings that you have bestowed on us in the past year. Many times I have dwelled on what was missing, when I really should have focused on the fact that you have given plenty. Thank you for continuing to guide us as we navigate thru life. We can only hope to be the best stewards of Your creation, and we shall be mindful of that charge in all our days. Father, please continue to extend your patience, and keep on guiding me, until all Your plans for me are realized. Again, thank you. Forever, thank you. Amen.”