Unlimited LTE from Globe

Yesterday, I saw this photo on my Facebook News Feed:


My friend (@koyat61205 on Instagram) says she just updated to iOS 6.1 and this became available. I thought that a special SIM was required, but apparently the nano-sim that Globe issued its postpaid subscribers with the iPhone 5 should already be LTE ready.

Source: yugatech.com via Vera on Pinterest


Thanks to Yugatech, I also learned that subscribers to the UnliSurf plan can get LTE on our iPhone 5 as long as we’re in an LTE covered area. Now where that areas are, remains to be the question. I really have been mostly happy with Globe, having been a subscriber for over 13 years, but their Customer Service is crappy. Others have been having a difficult time getting 3G signal.

I have yet to update my iOS devices but when I do, I’m looking forward to faster no cap Internet. Smile