From My Reader | Tess Thomspon: Inspiration for Ordinary Life


I recently finished one of her books, Riversong. She’s an author whose blog I started reading way before learning about the books she’d written.

Her blog, Tess Thompson – Inspiration for Ordinary Life, is a beautiful blog. Some blogs I keep going back to because of the author’s wit or because of lovely photos and visuals. Others because of the recipes and lovely food photography. But with this blog, it’s all about the writing.

She has a way with words that I could only wish I had. I don’t even have the words to describe it. But a page off her blog is like a full story. Read this one, Jumping Into the Green, and I think you’ll know what I mean.

I read her blog and then think about my own. How mine is so different, and how I’d love to write as beautifully as she does. But I don’t, and I still keep writing. I figure if I write about interesting blogs like hers, and practice practice practice, I’ll eventually find my voice and no longer be insecure about my blog or my writing. Maybe.