Your Wednesday Morning Uber Ride

I have been taking cabs or Uber cars for nine days now. I’ve generally had a good Uber experience, except for Monday’s ride that took the long way costing me a bit more time and money than usual. On Friday, a 6-minute wait time turned out more like 20, but I didn’t make a big deal out of it.

There are two down sides to this situation – it is costing me a lot more daily to take cabs, than my usual petrol costs (let’s not talk about Parking for now). And we can’t just up and go to the grocery, when we run out of food. Fast food delivery is also costing us much more, in addition to the food not being good for us.

Of course, other people are able to do groceries even without cars, it isn’t a requirement. People go out and do stuff all the time and take public transport or hop on and off cabs or Uber cars. I get it. We just haven’t done that in a while. Old habits die hard.

And I just really miss driving my own car.

Last Look at Dale

Last Look at Dale

That there is a snapshot of my official last look at my first car – Dale. I named it Dale based on the plate, but I never really got the habit of calling it that. We just referred to it as the car, my car, the Honda.

We’ve been through so much, including 3 costly accidents. But he’s been good to me. I feel bad that in the last two months or so, he barely got washed. Our suki car wash along Scout Reyes closed down and I just couldn’t find another place that I liked enough to bring my car weekly to. Haha.

Dale was supposed to be replaced the very next day. It hasn’t happened so far. It’s been really frustrating and disappointing, but I’d rather not spend my energies on being negative about this situation. So to and from work, Uber it is. I try to enjoy the experience of sitting in a different car every time I need to go somewhere. Like today, I found out that it is actually spacious inside a Toyota Wigo. It isn’t as tight as I thought it would be. The Hyundai Eon wasn’t too shabby either. In fact, that car was the coolest of all the cars I’ve used in my morning/afternoon trips so far. By coolest I mean A/C coolest. I’ve had to ask other drivers to adjust the A/C, but not on that Eon.

As a rider, I really do like Uber. I love @Uber! I also like the business model and the potential income it offers. Have you tried it? How was your Uber experience? If you haven’t, then sign up with my promo code and get ?200 off your first ride!

*Not a sponsored post, but I do get a free ride if you sign up with my code: verao27ue