How to Train Your Dragon

We first saw this trailer of How To Train Your Dragon when we went to see Avatar at the SM IMAX theater. We knew right away that we wanted to see it, and that my nephew Esban would want to see it too. Upon seeing last week that it was already showing at Trinoma, we started making plans to go. Sorry, I’ll get to the movie, just let me tell this backgrounder ok? 🙂

On Monday, Esban didn’t want to go because, ahem, maglalaro pa daw siya. O K ! Haha. No matter what I said, he disagreed, we couldn’t go just yet because he was going to play. I told him we can’t go the next day because I would already have work on Tuesday night. His response: call your boss and say you’d go half day. Toinks! Haha. 🙂 So yesterday, Sunday, we finally got to go and Adam came with us too.

The trailer shows the first scene of the movie. Uh-oh, a thought popped up in my head: there’s too much talking, the kids might have trouble understanding this! But I think they turned out okay, they didn’t ask me too many questions. Kaya lang, Esban had to go pee right when the story climaxed! Kaloka. And Alfred refused to take him out because he didn’t want to miss the scene at the arena where Hiccup had to slay the dragon. So I just went with the poor kid. When we got back, the Vikings were sailing to the dragon’s nest.

The movie is basically about a young Viking who is different from everyone else in their island. Their village is old, but the houses are always new. Dragons are their biggest problems because they always come preying on their livestock and blasting their structures. The Vikings dedicate their time training for and fighting the war against dragons. Expeditions are dispatched to find the dragons’ nest and put an end to them, but none of the boats come back.  Now the lead character, Hiccup, is the son of the Viking chief (do they call him that?) but he is not built for slaying dragons. Instead, he buckles a lot and is often in accidents. He is awesome in the workshop though and has been an apprentice in making weapons. All he has wanted was to fit in and start killing dragons.

I think this happens everywhere, not the dragons, but kids turning out to be so different from their parents. Think about all those young ones who are forced to take up courses that they don’t really like and ending up failing miserably. Sons and daughters of doctors or lawyers or engineers who don’t want to be anything like their parents. Yet, that is what everyone expects them to be. For Hiccup though, his dad wasn’t pressuring him to be a dragon-slaying Viking, at least not in the beginning. He was fearful for him, sure that he won’t survive dragon training. And his good friend (the kids call him the uncle) was kind enough to tell Hiccup why:

Despite that, Hiccup persevered to prove everyone else wrong. And he did, though it was in a way that he had never imagined.

The movie also touches on father-son relationships, and how it isn’t always easy to talk to each other. I guess that is the case for all parent-child relationships too. Here it is shown in this scene, although you could also see it when Hiccup and his dad talked AFTER the dad heard the news about how well Hiccup’s been doing in dragon training:

Okay, although I am dying to show more clips of Hiccup with Toothless the Night Fury, I will restrain myself. I wouldn’t want to spoil the entire movie for those of you who have yet to watch it. And I really hope you do check it out, because it’s a good one. It’s not just fun to watch and visually beautiful, it also talks about shifting perspectives, how things aren’t always just how they seem. Training a Dragon isn’t as easy as learning to navigate a computer, or adding more mac memory, but it is simpler and less dangerous than slaying dragons.

Oh and yeah, now I remember, Esban did have one question: Why did Toothless always fly over water?

Off to the Movies!

For the first time in a very long time, we’re taking Esban out to the movies. This time, Adam’s coming along too. We’re going to see this in 3D:

Then maybe we’ll lounge on outdoor furniture at the many al fresco restaurants in Trinoma. Or not.

Rin on the Rox

In February last year I mentioned Rin on the Rox in one of my blog posts. I even included one of my favorite videos of them, their cover Leona Lewis’ Better in Time. I was on YouTube again earlier today and decided to checkout their channel. I did get to listen to the single they released over the summer last year, but it wasn’t really my type of song. I listened to their other covers, until I noticed one that had only Erin, without Rox in the video.

I read a fan’s blog post about the change too, and he led me to a tweet from the duo’s Twitter page saying that they were only taking a break. There was also an assurance in another post that they were still the best of friends, but Rin on the Rox was taking a break and they had decided to go a different path. That is sad. Erin, I think, was the first to put up her own channel on YouTube and she continued to post vids of her singing, just for fun, she says. Here’s my favorite of her posts:

Then back on their twitter page, I found a link to a video that Roxanne posted. She has her YouTube channel too, but not very manyvids posted yet. I found one of her cover of Kyla’s hit, Because of You:

I know they sound amazing on their own, individually, but they sound so much better together. I hope they sing together again soon, and maybe even continue with their music career. Here again, to compare, is my fave cover:

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (movie)

I blogged about reading The Lightning Thief last week, now here’s my take on the big screen version. Checkout the trailer:

This is one of those films that really followed their own take than stay true to the novel that was originally written for young kids. First I would like to say that I liked that movie and think that it is still worth watching. But I will also have to say that I like the book more. Okay, so we say that very often but this time is a bit different. I actually felt disappointed and a little let down. I guess I was expecting a lot from a Chris Columbus film.

Percy Jackson was supposed to be 12 years old when the series started. The actor looks nowhere like he was in sixth grade. He looks more like a highschool freshman or even older, and resembles Zac Efron of HighSchool Musical fame. He is cute though. 🙂 As for Athena’s daughter Annabeth, wasn’t she supposed to be blonde like her mom? I like her, she’s pretty and has personality, but she just didn’t fit the description. And where was her cap of invisibility?

Clarisse, daughter of Ares, was nowhere in the film. Now I wonder, if they ever come out with the sequel, how do they introduce her and her history with Percy? Oh, Ares was nowhere in the film too.  And come to think of it, was Kronos even mentioned? There was no Oracle too, and no quest.

I’m also not very happy about how they presented Camp Half-Blood Hill (Mr. D was missing too). It seemed so medieval. The boyfriend says it was very Spartan-like. The Camp was supposed to look like just any other camp, and the campers wearing shorts and t-shirts. No, in the movie they wore armors and they had old-school cabins. Chiron also knew beforehand who Percy’s dad was, instead of having to wait for it to be revealed. So that meant that Percy didn’t have to crash at the Hermes cabin at all.

There were other points of departure from the novel, and I probably won’t be able to name all of them now.

In terms of special effects, we felt like the movie didn’t do so well specially in the beginning of the film. Eventually though, you kinda started to appreciate it. So I guess it just wasn’t consistent? Medusa’s snakes looked great…

And Luke, he didn’t get much exposure even when he turned out to be the bad guy. They didn’t show him teaching Percy sword fighting. And he didn’t look like he had a scar on his face, it was flawless and didn’t look like he needed an acne scar cream, lol. Well okay I don’t think he had acne problems at all, but the scar he got from his earlier quest was, I think, an important facet of his personality…

Now I realize that all I’ve got to say are criticisms, aren’t we normally like that? If I didn’t read the book prior to seeing the movie, I might have appreciated it more.  All in all, it wasn’t a very memorable movie.

Since posting about this book and watching the movie, I have read books 2 and 3, and have liked them even more. There is more excitement in the next books. I just started with the fourth book today.

Goodbye Santino

Tonight, teleserye viewers will be saying goodbye to miracle boy Santino, of the soap “May Bukas Pa” Yesterday’s scene ended with the little boy falling through a flight of stairs and hitting his head in the process. His brother, who was also having visions, saw him with a pool of blood under his head. We are left hanging… Will the police get to him in time? Will Bro intervene and save the young boy’s life? Or will He heed his prayer to join his parents in the after-life?

I wonder how many people will be tuned in to their TV sets tonight to find out?


We have a flatbed scanner, but because we don’t have much space here, I don’t keep it out all the time. Right now, it is stowed away somewhere in my room. That isn’t really good because you have to go through all the effort just to scan one picture. I wanted to scan the map we got from our visit to Enchanted Kingdom, but I’m not even sure if the entire thing will fit? Hmm… I think what we have is an a3 scanner, Canon brand.

Another thing that’s ticking me off right now, aside from the fact that my eyes are having an allergic reaction to whatever and are watery and itchy all the time, is that I cannot find my Bamboo pen tablet. As in. It was in a paper bag on top of the box of vacuum cleaner last time I saw it. But my dad had to rearrange things and now it’s nowhere to be found. Grr. I had a Pen Tablet class at JessicaSprague which started on Monday that I haven’t even started yet.

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