Re-runs, shopping, and Oreo Truffles

I don’t remember how many times I’ve seen it, maybe at least three or four times, yet when I saw it on cable yesterday I just could not walk away from Reese Witherspoon on Sweet Home Alabama. I just love watching that movie.

It’s the same way with A Knight’s Tale. I’d seen it so many times that I know exactly what will happen in most scenes. Yet when I see it on TV, I drop everything to watch. Well, okay, maybe not everything. But I do watch.

What is it with me and watching movies over and over and over again? Oh well. It’s my time I’m wasting anyway…

October is gearing up to be a wonderful month. We opened it by doing some shopping! Haha. SmileI had not been to the Megamall in quite a while (possibly in a year!) so I was itching to go checkout the new stores, specifically Forever 21 and Payless. I had no intention to shop really, I just wanted to checkout the merchandise. Well, we shopped anyway. (Pictures to be added tomorrow). I got these fashion earrings (there’s another pair that the boyfriend and I agreed on, but I’d save that for another day of shopping):

A scarf like this one, but of a solid purplish gray color:

And this black ribbed knit skirt:

I kept telling the boyfriend that it would look good with the pair of plain boots/wedges also from Forever 21, but he wouldn’t hear any of it! Haha 🙂 I couldn’t find a photo of it from their website, but Alfred also picked up a nice knit sweater for himself. He shopped too! 🙂

There was this particular pair of Comfort Shoes Plus flats at Payless that I contemplated on getting. It has a 945 pesos price tag (just right) and it was very comfortable and would have been sensible shoes to wear for work AND shopping. But I decided against buying it.

I don’t regret that decision, specially since seeing the uber comfy ballet flats from Gap. They don’t look anything special really, I’d probably have passed them without so much as a second look if I wasn’t already looking for them. Celebrity Mom Pia Magalona tweeted a few months ago about finding the most comfortable flats at Gap and I’d just been curious since then.

So I tried on a pair, and immediately understood why. It felt like walking on carpeted flooring, but with the assurance that you can use it on a real road too. It’s foldable and even comes in its own little tote. I want one. The only downside is the huge price tag. It’s hard to justify the expense. There’s this other pair of shoes that’s in the same price range that I’m eyeing to buy from an online seller that’s well known for her very stylish shoes. This other one is a pair of high-heeled pumps with embellishments (sparkly). I can totally use that at work, or hopefully even to the next wedding I’m attending. Although I’m still reluctant in shelling out the cash for it, it feels more justifiable to spend such an amount on those, than on the Gap flats. Sigh.

On happy news though, we’re back in oreo truffles business! Orders are coming in pretty steady. I do prefer to bake cake and cupcakes but am too lazy to do the costing for those so I haven’t been able to offer them up. Seriously, when I try to do costing, I fall asleep. It’s happened twice already! My plan to sell at the payday bazaar was foiled too as there were no food stalls last weekend, and for the rest of this month. What a bummer.

Ooohh, have you been Between the Covers lately? I received two new books for review from BookSneeze! (I also just finished a book so a new post will be up soon!)

Hannah & Me

Remember me posting about shopping for a cause?

Well, the transaction took awhile because my payment got delayed, and baby Hannah was in the hospital for two weeks, rendering her mom unable to work on my order. But the long wait was well worth it. Check me out with my bag:

It looks like a very simple bag, but I am sure it was challenging to make. I love it! It’s very comfy to the touch and quite roomy too. I tossed my camera in it (I mean Deena, not Pinky) and, I swear, it didn’t feel so heavy! I’ve always complained about my camera big being a bit on the heavy side when I have all my stuff in it. With this one though, it was just right. 🙂

If you’d like to find out what other designs they have for these bags, and how to order, go to Hannah Ysabelle’s Multiply page. Joan, her mom, makes these bags herself. 🙂

Scooter Sunday

After almost a month of staying away from Trinoma, the boyfriend and I stepped into the mall again yesterday. We had two things in mind: lunch at Conti’s and grocery shopping for my SBD meals that he prepares for me.

Lunch was satisfying. He had lengua, while I had the American grilled spareribs. For starters, we ordered gambas with mushrooms. The meal was completed with a slice of Mango Bravo that we both shared.

From there, we headed inside the mall and walked around a bit. At the Activity Centre, there were cars and scooters on display, among other things. We checked out the Suzuki APV, which would be a nice family car. There was also the Suzuki Swift, a white one, that would be a great first car for just the two of us. But it wasn’t the four-wheeled cars that got my attention. It was the scooters.

First, my eyes were glued to the Kymco Like:

It’s cute, not too small, and has a compartment at the back.

A few steps away, my heart was captivated by the Yamaha Mio Fino:

It has that vintage feel to it, even when it’s actually brand new. The one on display was tinted in gold, but not a very bright one. It looked more brown to me than gold, but since the salesman said gold, then that it is.

Both scooters share the same price range but if I were really to consider buying a scooter, I’d probably go for the Fino.

What would I use a scooter for? To get to and from work, of course. I can potentially save some money in the long run, plus I wouldn’t have to wait for a cab anymore. We can also use it to go to the seminary, or to the groceries along E.Rod. But do I really really want to hop on a scooter? I’ve never been on one, so I’m not really sure. Besides, I can’t stand the pollution so I’m sure I won’t be using it much around major thoroughfares.

Still I really think it would be cool to have one. Besides, my brother and dad have been bugging me to get one since I started working at NCO. I just never really liked the idea of being on a scooter. Maybe that will change.

After the boyfriend bought a pair of jeans, we went down to the supermarket for our last errand of the day. We enjoyed grocery shopping for food that follows the SBD guidelines. Alfred will be cooking for me again this week. 🙂

We picked up something that’s not exactly SBD though. Two boxes of Guylian chocolates, La Trufflina. They were on the buy-one-take-one rack because they will be expiring in the next two months. So what. Haha.

La Trufflina is an irresistible combination of Belgian chocolate truffles with a smooth milk chocolate truffle filling. Each truffle is enrobed with the finest milk, white or dark Belgian chocolate and delicately sprinkled with fine chocolate flakes. An unparalleled chocolate dream.

It was a fun afternoon, even if we were exhausted a little since we both came from our work shifts. I also missed an NCO party yesterday because I was tired, and was also having stomach cramps due to dysmenorrhea. Ugh. Yes. Primolut N worked for me that I actually started bleeding again before the month ended. And I’ve been wearing maternity pads for a few days now. Ugh. Sorry, too much info!

My Pink Dress

She’s my Pink Dress, a Superheadz Super Fat Lens; reincarnation of the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim. She is in fact, manufactured in the very same factory that the Vivs were made back in the day. She needs film to produce photos, no other attachments not even a battery needed. It’s just me and my Pinky, pointing and shooting from the hip.

She’s going to help me live my Lomo dreams. I won’t talk about lomo today, and I won’t be posting sample photos from the first roll of film we used up together. I’ll save that for my newbie photographer blog.

We picked up Pinky from the very homey shop of Oh! Shoot along Boni Serrano in Cubao. It wasn’t what I expected. I like the store, really. It was very artsy, accommodating, welcoming. None of those elements that sometimes made camera shops too mechanical. No intimidating gadgets, no SALE signs or prizes displayed all over. They didn’t even tag their items for a barcode scanner or what not. Instead, lomo prints were plastered on their walls. A comfy couch was at the center of the space, inviting one to sit back and checkout the books they had on the table. Too bad none of the elves in charge of the store were there to give us lomo tips or take our photo for their show-off. But the dude from downstairs was more than willing to take us up to the shop, and just hang out while we looked around and finally zoomed in on what we were there for. I went there with one purpose: to get the Pink Dress. I would have settled for the Black Devil or the blue one, but then I saw her and I knew she was mine. Sure there were other cameras calling my name, including the Blackbird Fly and the Digital Harinezumi, but I blocked them all out. I had to.

So now you’ve all met Pinky. 🙂

Guitar Hero Metallica

Have you tried playing it? Guitar Hero Metallica is ?! or should I say, it rocks! 🙂

I actually haven’t been doing much GH lately, but the boyfriend was kind enough to get me the game when he was out to get new ones for himself. Ain’t he sweet? 🙂 And he lets me hog the PS2 just to enjoy it too. Another thing, you know those GH Arcade machines in the mall? He lets me play there too. I think he’s secretly proud of me, haha!

Anyhoo, for those who are back to check for updates on my weight loss diet, things are still going well. The Sexy Chef wasn’t able to deliver food for today because of the systemic blackout everyone in Luzon encountered yesterday due to Typhoon Basyang. But you know what? That wasn’t a problem for me. I had plenty of food left over from the previous day (it was due to my messed up body clock) that I had enough until lunch. After work, I had some shopping to do and bills to pay so we headed out to the mall. There, we had a nice lunch at Kenny Rogers where I had the Hi-Protein meal minus rice and drink. I still took some pictures, but I’m in a rush just now so you’ve got to come back tomorrow for those. 🙂

I am excited to share though, that I got myself another phone! I’ve got the new S phone from My|Phone. It’s a girly phone really, with Swarovski Zirconia for buttons and a Qwerty keypad. I took a photo, also to be shared tomorrow. It’s still cheap, and I have a buyer for my two-month old My|Phone so I’m not really spending much. I swear, this is the last time I’m switching phones at least for a year unless someone else gives me one. 🙂

I also, brace yourselves for this, got to buy myself a dress to wear for my friend’s wedding! This is a big thing, believe me. I haven’t been able to squeeze into a decent dress in a very long time. I’ve attended four weddings in the past year and had to settle for nice tops with my slacks when I really wanted to dress up and be all girly. We were both surprised actually, the boyfriend and I. Haha. But there, I’m not so sure I’ll be posting photos of myself wearing that. I might just keep that private for awhile. 😉

So there. I really am in a rush so sorry if there are grammar errors on this post! No time to reread 🙁

Catch you all later! 🙂

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