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After taking a shower this morning, I went ahead and tried to use mom’s hair dryer and see if drying my hair would prevent it from curling up and have more of a finished, salon look. 

It wasn’t effective. Either my hair is just so stubborn or I totally don’t know how to blow dry my hair! It’s probably the latter.
I had no intentions to go out this morning, in fact, I just donned another sun dress (also read nightgown 🙂 ) after showering. I just wanted to time how long blow drying my short hair would take, so I know what to expect if I were to do it before work. So scrap that idea. It won’t really do anything different. 
I will test how long it would take to iron my hair tonight. That shouldn’t take longer than the blowdry did – under 10 minutes.
It’s probably not a good idea to have this next photo in the same post that I show off my short hair, but what the heck. Haha!
The piggy on the left is a cellphone holder – the only Christmas present I received on the 24th. Esban gave it to me. The piggy on the left, with a purple snout, is a wrist rest that one can use for the hand holding your mouse when you’re on your computer. I got one like it, a blue bear, last Christmas from Nonoy (my boss). This one I bought for myself for use here at home. I brought home the blue bear a few weeks ago because I wanted to use one at home. Now I can bring blue bear back to work with me.
Rather than just becoming hung up on the fact that my blog is down, I’ve been bloghopping through EC and also through my Digital Scrapbooking links (which reminds me, Blogrolling still doesn’t seem to be 100% back up). There are so many wonderful freebies out there and I know missed so much more in the month or two that I’ve been laying low on the scrapbooking stuff.
I started downloading some freebie kits from BooLand Designs and my favorite Vicki Parker. And then I suddenly realized I still haven’t gotten myself an online backup solution. So now I’m in the process of downloading Carbonite. I’ll be using their free trial. If it works efficiently, I’ll go ahead and purchase a year’s subscription.
I first heard of Carbonite from Ro of Scrap Girls, through their newsletters. It sounded like a good idea, plus it would take out the effort from having to manually back up every once in a while – what if you forget? And I always forget.
Plus I always have computer problems every couple of months (though I hope it takes another 6 months before I have any issues again) and it takes time to back up, format, and then restore files. That has caused my files to be more disorganized every time we have to do it. With Carbonite, restoring files might just be a little more simple. Hopefully.
I hope my Internet connection supports this automatic back up well. We’ll see how it goes. 
Here’s another photo I’d like to share, taken a week or so back. My Zune, with his girlfriend Sharpay:
This was a rare shot because they’re usually at each other whenever they’re together. Or Sharpay will be eating off Zune’s bowl! Haha. I think Esban took this shot – he’s way better at shots like these than I am.
Mom did a lot of cleaning in the past 24 hours and she unearthed some of the photos we’ve had lying around here. This has prompted my dad to go over our old pictures and take them off the albums to be scanned at a later time. He intends to put them on picture frames too. So 2009 will probably start off with me posting photos from years ago. 
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Was it the modem?

As a direct result of yesterday’s call to tech support, PLDT myDSL sent us Mike. He called early this morning and spoke to my dad, who probably wasn’t very forthcoming because he wouldn’t really know how to troubleshoot. 

I got home and found the PC up and running – minus the Internet. I tinkered around with it and was able to go online eventually. Mike called back around 10. I told him I was connected, but that I wasn’t 30 minutes before the call. He said that the Makati office probably just reactivated the line. I told him how it happens everyday, and that I hoped it wouldn’t happen again.

He asked me what kind of modem we had, and then immediately offered to come over and just change it altogether. They were just after lunch, plugged in the new modem, tested if we could connect, and then left. Apparently, there was a known issue with the old modem we had. Bummer.

So we ran a speed test and it showed a download speed of 222 kbps. Good enough.

But then it started to go slow again in the next 20 minutes.

So I’m not really sure if I want to be happy about this new modem or not.

Alfred has already left to take Frankie to Mang Romy’s. I called Kodak this morning and found out my test shots were unsuccessful. I must have put the film in incorrectly – they said that the film was unused. Aargh!

Zune was given a bath and groomed before Alfred took off. He always looks so cute with his newly brushed hair I couldn’t resist taking photos. I wish it was Frankie capturing the images (click on the image to see the other shots on my Multiply page):




Frankie’s sick

So I fed Frankie a 36-shot ASA 200 film on Saturday afternoon. I took test shots all through Sunday until…

The frame counter got stuck at 24.

I thought it was just because of the multiple exposure toggle, but it wasn’t. We could keep on cocking the lever, and it felt like the film was advancing, but the counter just wouldn’t budge.

Did I do something wrong? Did I feed the film incorrectly? Were we ripped off with that cheap film? Did it actually have just 24 shots? 

That was our initial conclusion. So I rewound the film, took it out, and fed Frankie a new one.

Yesterday, at frame 24, it stopped again. After trying and trying and shooting and shooting, it budget to 25. After several strokes and shots, moved on to 26. But I knew it was really broken.

There are a lot of resources on the Web (thank God) and I found one where somebody posted a similar problem.  The advice was to take it to a professional, but that it was a simple problem. So tomorrow, Frankie will be going back to her doctor. 

On Sunday, I took her with me to work. Proudly showed her to Archie, who knew how to admire her. He commented on the specks on the viewfinder and said that I should have had it cleaned. To be honest, I didn’t notice them while at the shop – it was bright then. Hehe. He says I got a good camera, and don’t I know it? 🙂

So Zune doesn’t get sick too…

A few weeks ago, we noticed a drop in Zune’s appetite. His nose was constantly wet too, and he had been sneezing. We decided to give him vitamin C and religiously give him multi-vitamins again. He just wasn’t eating because he probably couldn’t taste the food so much because of the sniffles.

In no time, he got better.  

But the experience taught us not to be remiss in giving him his vitamins. Ever.

So I should remind Alfred to replenish our stocks of pet supplements before we even run out. Or I’ll go get them myself.

Delayed Gratification

In this digital age, everyone’s so used to seeing instant results. Same goes for taking photos.

We took both rolls of film of my test shots for processing this morning. We asked them to print negative to CD. I have to wait until tomorrow to get it though. And they charged 160 per roll. That is not cheap!

Still, I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I know they will probably suck, but who cares? I’m learning!

Relatively better

I guess I’ma bit better today. At least I did not run a fever all morning – that’s always a good sign. The coughing has become worse though but I don’t always cough so I can almost ignore it for the most part.

I should probably be thankful that I didn’t have to endure the coughing, back pain, and headaches, at the same time that I suffered the runny nose, clogged nose, and fevers. But it sucks that I’m still sick. I’m a bit better and perhaps I can get back to work tomorrow – I should really.

Early this morning, we discovered the makeshift fence that keeps Zune in was open! It was a wonder that Zune didn’t go out. It’s a mystery how it got opened that way, it’s not like Zune could have pushed it that way. I peeked out last night too because Zune was playing with Sharpei right by that fence and it was in place as usual. This afternoon Esban said that he already saw it that way last night but he also doesn’t know how. Anyway, we should really just take it as a reminder to have someone make us a better fence.

Zune is really nothing like iPod, our previous dog. If it were iPod, he would have ran out straight to the street as he always did before. How many times did I or my brother have to chase him back? Sometimes he’d just go next door to my cousin’s – that can be scary because there’s lots of wood under their house and that seems to be where he wants to head. Then he’ll go to the common area at the front, run around, and then head out the main gate and onto the road. At one time he was almost hit by a car! Zune? He would probably just go sniff for Sharpei and hang out outside their door.

Is there pet insurance? You know, like having home owner insurance, or car insurance. Ah no, more like having a health card (HMO) like we do.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful? It would be expensive though, I think. We humans don’t really go to regular checkups unless we’re really sick. A dog needs to visit his vet every once in a while.

Speaking of health cards. Alfred was with me at the ER yesterday and he kept on asking how I was going to pay for it since I had very little cash on me. I assured him Medicard would cover it. Then they gave me some meds to take right there – he said, surely I’d have to pay for those in cash. So when it came to paying, I told him to come with me to Billing. True enough, all I had to do was sign. He would not have believed it if he wasn’t there. I’ve told him before to take advantage of his health card, he hasn’t used it all these years. It’s one benefit that I totally appreciate and he should too.

Anyway, it’s raining. Which means the road outside will be all muddy again (there’s been muck out there since it flooded on Sunday afternoon. Hello Barangay officials? Where’s the cleanup crew?) and Zune won’t be able to go out for a walk. Poor little doggie – cooped up at home like his momma bear 🙁

A time to say Thanks!

I really should be sleeping now, the sun is already up. Boyfriend has already gone to bed without me. I’m waiting for a download to finish, you see. 11 percent left…

I had already taken Zune out for his morning walk. He is used to going out and doing his thing before six in the morning. My parents get up around 5-530. They aren’t here though – out of town to witness the consecration of our church’s newest bishop. I know Zune must be missing both Mom and Dad, so I figured I’d take him out for his morning walk so as not to completely break his habits while they’re away. Last night, it was Alfred’s turn to take him out for his 6pm walk (I was at work).

While there’s 8 percent more of the download, I’d like to take this chance to thank my top ten Entrecard droppers for the past thirty days:


Thanks for coming by to visit! 

Wow, I finished this post just as my download completed, sweet! Oh, this got me to wondering if there was a plugin that would count the number of comments posted by a particular person? That would be cool so I could also thank my top commenters who are not EC droppers. 

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