Frankie’s sick

So I fed Frankie a 36-shot ASA 200 film on Saturday afternoon. I took test shots all through Sunday until…

The frame counter got stuck at 24.

I thought it was just because of the multiple exposure toggle, but it wasn’t. We could keep on cocking the lever, and it felt like the film was advancing, but the counter just wouldn’t budge.

Did I do something wrong? Did I feed the film incorrectly? Were we ripped off with that cheap film? Did it actually have just 24 shots? 

That was our initial conclusion. So I rewound the film, took it out, and fed Frankie a new one.

Yesterday, at frame 24, it stopped again. After trying and trying and shooting and shooting, it budget to 25. After several strokes and shots, moved on to 26. But I knew it was really broken.

There are a lot of resources on the Web (thank God) and I found one where somebody posted a similar problem.  The advice was to take it to a professional, but that it was a simple problem. So tomorrow, Frankie will be going back to her doctor. 

On Sunday, I took her with me to work. Proudly showed her to Archie, who knew how to admire her. He commented on the specks on the viewfinder and said that I should have had it cleaned. To be honest, I didn’t notice them while at the shop – it was bright then. Hehe. He says I got a good camera, and don’t I know it? 🙂

So Zune doesn’t get sick too…

A few weeks ago, we noticed a drop in Zune’s appetite. His nose was constantly wet too, and he had been sneezing. We decided to give him vitamin C and religiously give him multi-vitamins again. He just wasn’t eating because he probably couldn’t taste the food so much because of the sniffles.

In no time, he got better.  

But the experience taught us not to be remiss in giving him his vitamins. Ever.

So I should remind Alfred to replenish our stocks of pet supplements before we even run out. Or I’ll go get them myself.

Delayed Gratification

In this digital age, everyone’s so used to seeing instant results. Same goes for taking photos.

We took both rolls of film of my test shots for processing this morning. We asked them to print negative to CD. I have to wait until tomorrow to get it though. And they charged 160 per roll. That is not cheap!

Still, I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I know they will probably suck, but who cares? I’m learning!