Walk home, Vera

Finally, I have done it.

Walk home from work, that is. 🙂

Lord knows how many times I had thought of stopping and hailing a cab to take me the rest of the way home, but I had to push myself to plod on. That it would be so worth it, in time. It must have taken 3000 steps or so. It doesn’t sound much, I know. But that is a good way to start me off on having any physical activity incorporated into my day.

Why’d I do it?

Because on Saturday morning, Alfred and I walked from ABS-CBN to Morato. That isn’t too far, but we both broke a sweat. For overweight people like us whose physical activity consists only of walking to the cab, from the cab, in and out and up and down the house, that was already a lot of walking. We hadn’t had breakfast when we did that, so we were quite hungry too. We passed by several breakfast places and considered stopping right there but we didn’t. We agreed that we would walk all the way to Kopi Roti, break fast there, then walk the remaining distance home (Kopi Roti was probably half or a third of the way through).

So I had coffee, two slices of french toast and shared a Kopi Bun with the boyfriend, while he ordered hot choco and toast. I’d already consider that light breakfast. It was there that we decided to see a movie, but not after walking a bit more. We left the cafe at around 9AM and walked around the Scout area. I snapped a few photos too, and I even tripped (ouch!). We hailed a cab upon reaching Scout Reyes and went on our way to Greenhills. Yucky right? We didn’t even go back home to change out of our sweaty clothes? To be quite frank, we didn’t sweat all that much, we started very early so there was hardly any sun, and there was a cool wind blowing too. We sweated, but we didn’t stink. Haha.

Besides, to go home would just break the momentum 🙂

Another good thing that came out from Saturday’s walk was that it gave us another way to bond with each other. You can never have too much bonding naman right? Now, if I can just convince the boyfriend on the benefits of doing this more regularly…

Here’s a photo from Google Earth of the route we took from ELJ to Kopi Roti:


Checkout the few photos I snapped from Saturday, over at my new photo blog!

Anyhoo, today, I took a slightly different route today. I went through Scout Borromeo, Timog, and then Scout Tobias. I even passed by the intersection where I tripped on Saturday!

My legs weren’t sore when I finally arrived home. But they were too hot, I was wearing jeans see. I don’t think I’d be up to taking a huge bag of clothes to change into everyday. One step at a time.

If I keep up with this, I can lose weight without spending any additional money on weight loss products. I also wouldn’t need to be on the never ending search for diet pills that work. In fact, I can save at least 55 pesos for the fare I would have paid a cabbie to take me home!