Thankful for My Husband

I am thankful for my husband.

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He takes on most of the house work because I don’t like doing them.

He spoils me with gifts (I’m not complaining!).

He does the dirty work – cleans up the mess our dogs make – so I can focus on giving hugs 😉

He takes care of me when I’m sick, and even when I’m not.

He loves me, even if he doesn’t always say it.

He isn’t perfect, but neither am I.

He is my favorite person, maybe not every day, but definitely on most days. 🙂

Loving since Y2k

Alfred and Vera – loving each other since year 2000.

14 years. Four.Teen.Years. It feels like a lifetime.

When we met I was a young, idealistic teenager, ready to save the world from its problems. His life evolved around his friends, his computer, and partly, his Magic cards. Today, we’re so different, yet still very much the same.

2014-01-22 15.42.27

It seems so trivial now, but back then, being able to watch Part 2 of a movie we saw a year or two prior seemed like a big deal. Like Stuart Little 1 and 2. Know what I mean?

We went from celebrating monthsaries, to counting years. From frequently quarreling, to sometimes flaring up.

January the 19th will always be a special day, no matter how we choose to spend it. This year, we went on a picnic with the rest of the family at Himlayang Pilipino. It was a day to remember Papa. He passed on two years ago and we all still miss him.

After the picnic, it was book hunting time at the NBS Warehouse Sale. We had cake too.

It was nighttime when we arrived home. The rest of the evening was for resting (him), and working (me). Yes, I unfortunately had to work on our anniversary.

We continued our celebration the next day. Nuat Thai was richer by 1k for giving us massages. We both got the hour and a half Swedish massage, and both snoozed (and snored), haha! Before heading home, we ate all the salmon sashimi we could at Tok-Yu Sushi Bar along Panay Avenue. It was a quick and cheap alternative to Omakase (which won’t open until 530PM), and our usual sashimi digs – Saisaki, Yakimix, or Vikings. We blew another 1K on food – money so well spent. Smile

2014-01-22 15.31.31

Sadly, the boyfriend had to work that evening, while I was finally on leave. He usually has Monday nights off, except that day (of all days, right?). It was another day apt with this kind of conversation that we had during the Christmas holidays when I didn’t have work but he did:

Alfred: Nakakatamad pumasok. Sana wala na lang akong pasok mamaya.

Vera: Well… Absent ka?

A: Hindi pwede eh.

V: Hindi tayo ganun eh.

A: Kung bakit ba kasi tinuruan ako ng NCO maging mabuting empleyado!

V & A: LOL

No matter, we got to spend time together and that’s what’s important. After all, what’s one night compared to the rest of our lives? Smile

We are so thankful for the years we’ve spent together and look forward to more. Surely, our family and friends who have been very supportive and enabling of our relationship deserves applause to. We couldn’t have stayed together by sheer will, it wasn’t all just US. So thank you, too. Smile

*Some background on that snippet of convo above. Both of us worked for NCO as newbies, me, almost two years before him. But one thing we really learned there as agents was to live and work with integrity. No cheating, no lies. We didn’t avoid calls, we didn’t abuse customers, and we weren’t irresponsibly absent from work. We also didn’t cheat nor manipulate our stats. Something we carry with us until now.

Happy Birthday Badong!

Photo Jun 10, 2 16 53 PM

Alfred/Dodong turned 34 on June 8. We had dinner at Viking’s at the MOA with his parents and his big brother (his eldest brother lives in Malaysia with his family). I must really have lost a bit of my tummy kasi just like people at work, the complimented me for looking better after the operation. The boyfriend still isn’t convinced though. Hah!


He had to make reservations a week in advance just to be sure we’d be seated in time for a 7PM dinner. Ang daming tao, and at least 20 people siguro were birthday celebrants. He didn’t want the crew to sing him the birthday song but we told him he can’t avail of the free birthday dinner without it. 🙂

I didn’t eat much. I only had a plate of salmon sashimi instead of the usual 2 or 3! That’s what happens when you’re not used to eating so much anymore. And when you have your monthly period. Ugh.

After dinner, we headed to his cousin’s in Sta. Cruz for a booze fest. I only had a glass of rhum cola because I was the designated driver, but the birthday boy got a lot to drink. He would have bought his kuya’s PS3 on the spot if I wasn’t there to stop him, LOL. Let’s get a LED TV first, before a console. Haha! Then we have to shop for premier TV mounts too, and then get Move, but not before getting the new shelves+workstation setup first. Hmm…

Last year we kicked off his birthday week at Wil’s Steaktown. Then we had a flat tire en route to his birthday celebration in his kuya’s Pasay bar. This year’s event went without any hitch. He was even welcomed with fireworks as soon as we stepped off the car outside Vikings. 🙂

His 33rd year was a good one, this next one could only be better. Happy birthday babe!


Mont Albo Massage Hut

Alfred and I are trying to establish Mondates – Dates on a Monday. We’re both off on Sundays and Mondays, and after sleeping through the better part of Sunday, it looks more and more like Monday is when we could actually go out and have our date. Not that we don’t always eat out.

Last weekend, Alfred went on a Boracay trip with his colleagues. They were due back on Monday afternoon so I was assured that I would still have plenty of date time available, hehe. When he came home though, I was still in a sleepy stupor (Monday Snooze Fest). But I still suggested a movie date – Safe Haven is showing and it seemed interesting enough. While getting ready, I realized there may be other things I want to do instead.

So off to dinner we went, with plans to see the last full show of Safe Haven at Robinsons Magnolia. We ate at Chocolate Kiss, Roces Avenue branch because I wanted some pesto pasta (it was the fault of Carlos of Kitchen Boss who prepared yummy pasta on his show). During the course of dinner we decide instead to get a massage.

Mom purchased these coupons for discounted services of Mont Albo Massage Hut, so we decided to swing by the house to pick them up en route to the spa.

Photo Feb 19, 6 00 50 PM

We called the Tomas Morato branch and asked if we could avail of their services right then. It was already 850PM when we called so it was nice that they didn’t refuse considering that terms of the coupons include calling in to make an appointment. Well, we did call in, technically, 10 minutes before we arrived Smile

The place isn’t so big. I didn’t notice how many beds they have but we were led to the last two that were adjacent each other. There was a male therapist for Alfred, and a female one for me. We both got the Hilot – traditional head to foot massage. It lasted an hour (or so) and was very soothing. Because I had a nagging headache, I actually wanted more, but it was enough. As with other massage sessions, I told the therapist not to go too hard on my left back side because of my slip disc. All was good though and I don’t feel any negative effects of the massage.

They also placed heated leaves on our backs at the end of the session. I think those are supposed to suck in the cold from our bodies.

The place smelled nice and clean, and the music was calm and soothing. The curtains were thick enough to give us privacy. I didn’t notice though that they had anything for sale (website says so), not even at the front desk. Maybe I was just too sleepy by the time we left to notice anything else.

At the end of the massage they brought in hot teas and hot towels. Nice touch.

Alfred liked the experience and prefers it to our Nuat Thai massage from several months ago. He wants to go back next week, and with the savings that mom’s coupons gave us, we probably will go back. We used the Buy 1 Massage, Take 1 Massage coupon, and there are four of those left. So for this pampering session, we only had to pay P380 pesos.

Mom got the coupons for around P350 from a sales agent that visited her office. It comes with one free Hilot with Bentosa, 5 buy 1 take 1 massage coupons, 5 buy 1 take 1 body scrub stubs, and a 50% off on any body treatment (1 coupon). A lot of good value – as long as you actually use them.

Where do you get your regular massage?

The Mont Albo branch nearest us is located in:

186b Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City.

(02) 416- 41-54 / 0908 863-0252

They have other branches too and you can check them out at their website:

Brunch at Pan De Amerikana

I’ve been to Pan De Amerikana twice this month already. Last week, I took my team there for breakfast, and just this morning, Alfred and I had brunch at the restaurant famous for its Pandesal, and upside-down fun theme.

Photo Feb 13, 2 26 35 PM

We had a full brunch, and it was very sulit! They serve Pinoy everyday food. Snacks, breakfast, lunch/dinner, even dessert. Each dish is priced very reasonably so we actually bought a dish each, plus a plate of sisig to share. I also ordered pumpkin soup, and we both had dessert of ginataang bilo-bilo. The melon shake was also very refreshing, but it comes in a small glass. To take home, we got their big pandesal and ensaymada. All the food we got only cost us 622 pesos.

The food wasn’t exceptional, but it was good enough. And for the price, it’s really no wonder people keep coming back.

The décor was really something. Outside, the place looks like an upside down house. Inside, you’ll see the baby grand piano, dining and sala sets up hanging above your head. I bet everyone who comes for the first time cracks a worried joke about the entire thing falling straight at you. But it looked like they were fastened securely by bolts. It’s like you need special tools, or delrin levers, to take them down. We were definitely safe sitting right under them Smile

It’s a one-floor affair with a high ceiling so it was quite cool inside even with just a few industrial-sized fans. The place looks really good, it made us think about what we would love to replicate in our future home.

Before leaving I used the comfort room and was delighted at the Gramps and Granny figures they used to mark His and Hers CR (see Granny on the collage above). Behind the beautiful colored glass door, you’ll find a clean functioning CR with an interesting wall! They put old plates or dish covers as a design element. Fun and whimsical. Smile

Anyhoo. I just thought I’d share a restaurant post, and not have a bunch of food photos to go along with it for a change. Winking smile

What did you have for breakfast/brunch today?

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