Perfumes at discount prices

So a colleague at work sells original branded perfumes at discounted prices. We got one for the boyfriend and thought that the price was very reasonable. Specially since we’d checked out at the malls and saw that it was being sold at around 4.5k. Then a former agent of mine mentioned that he sells branded perfumes, original and still boxed, for only 1.8k, regardless of the brand. Hmmm.

Today, while walking around Greenhills, we saw at least two perfume shops that were selling the brand (CK Man) that the boyfriend just go for 2k – lower than what we got it for. The shop also carried lotions, a few make up, and even acne pills. All at very low discount prices. I just wonder how they can manage it. Even if they were able to bring in those goods tax-free, the prices in which they were being sold just makes it hard for me to imagine how they profit from it all.

I don’t need another bottle right now, but maybe in a few weeks I’ll contact my former agent and find out if I can get my favorite fragrance from him…