Here’s another blog I keep going back to. I remember first following Dee via tblog, and then when she moved to her self-hosted blog I kept on her stalking her there too. When I started reading up on her blog, she wasn’t a mom yet. Now her son Z is a little man, and her daughter E is such wonderful and bright little girl. Her mom’s model for her fantastic photography! Smile

Isn’t she cute? This photo was grabbed from Dee’s Flickr pool and is also on her blog, DeePerrin.Com.

She writes about all sorts of things, she even has a craft blog (is it still around?) where she posted a tutorial for cute little pillow case dresses that she made for her little girl awhile back. Those were really cute! I wish I was more crafty and could make dresses and such so I admire those who can really make good stuff.

Now going back to this little girl, doesn’t she look like she could be a model for girls dresses? She’s so pretty and obviously loves the camera. Of course, I’m sure it helps that the lady behind the lens is her dear mom. Yes, have I mentioned that Dee does amazing photography? Go check her out already! Smile

I’d been thinking lately about Dee’s blog, and her daughter, and this online store for pretty dresses for little girls. The thing is, the memory that stands out while I think about that combination, is my grandmother and how she used to sew our dresses. It’s sad that none of us kept those vintage clothes, but they were really something. Shanti and Butchik were the last ones to receive handmade clothes by Lola, at least that’s what I remember.

To this day I still dream about someday being able to sew beautiful clothes, even if just for my future daughter or for myself. I actually love dressing up and weight issues have kept me from donning dresses more often. Ugh.