(Almost) A week to be Single

Christmas is 7 days away. I have yet to gift-wrap the presents I’ve already bought, and I still have quite a list of people to shop for.

Still no smell of freshly baked goodies in this house. Yesterday would have been the perfect day (to make these), but I woke up to a headache on my afternoon nap and ended up sleeping again – until the wee hours of the morning (earlier).

I find myself thinking about how the next few days will be spent. Not that I have a lot of time to kill, there’s still work after all (we don’t get Christmas breaks). But the boyfriend will be away (hence, the title). This afternoon, he and his family are taking a trip to their province to remember the first death anniversary of his grandmother. They’ll be there until the 21st.

So I’ve got my afternoons free. If it weren’t the Christmas season, I’d think that my lunch buddies at work could fill up a nice chunk of those afties. But they might have shopping to do and waiting around until I finish my after-shift emails would be too inconvenient.

Perhaps I’d be up to working on my Project Life. I figured I won’t try and catch up with 2011, but I’ve got material for the last few weeks at least that could go into those nice pocket pages. My album’s been waiting for me for 7 months! And my big variety pack of additional photo pocket pages were delivered last week!

Photo Dec 15, 4 30 44 PM

This slim box came with a little package, 90 pieces of Zink paper for my Polaroid Pogo Printer!

Photo Dec 15, 4 20 38 PM

Or my inventory projects could start happening. I’ve got two that need to be done – book inventory and baking supplies inventory. The boyfriend was supposed to take care of the latter, but he never got around to it. I should also fix up a number of areas in the house.

Maybe it’s time me and Deena (our DSLR) spend a little quality time again. All year, she’s been spending sweet moments with the boyfriend. It’s time she bonded with her momma. haha. Smile We were at the UP Lantern Parade the other day but I did not take photos like the previous year. I missed out on a lot of bokeh opportunities, so maybe this week I’ll take Deena out and seek out the chance to shoot some Christmas bokeh. Yes, I was inspired by this:



I could also get a foot spa somewhere. We’re due for what we hope to be our bi-weekly facial treatments by end of this week so I won’t dare go get one by myself. Magagalit sya pag di ko sya sinama. Hihi. One of the things I didn’t get around blogging about was our facial and peel experience at Forever Flawless in MOA two Fridays ago. While there, I noticed how there was no association made to the Belo Medical Group, don’t they own it too? They also have their own line of neuroscience supplements. I was wondering if the facialists would try to sell me on those but they didn’t. I appreciated that.

So I’ve got four days to be single. I doubt if anything will change though. I’d likely go to work, grab lunch somewhere, get home and either sleep or be in front of my PC until it’s past bedtime. It would be nice to accomplish at list one thing on this list though.