Sarah G. Live!


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Since last Sunday, we’ve been seeing teasers for Sarah Geronimo’s new music variety show. She follows in the footsteps of LoveliNess, Superstar, VIP, and The Sharon Cuneta Show!

Sunday nights are tricky for me because I have to be at work earlier than usual. I’m torn between getting a few hours of sleep, or going to work without any sleep. When this show starts, it’s going to be even trickier. Yes, I’m going to watch and see what she brings!

I really think that songwriters should give Sarah upbeat and danceable originals. She does them so well – powerful voice and great moves. That’s the key for an even brighter star for her, and it will make her conquer Asia and the world. Alfred would probably say that she’s no J.Lo because she lacks the sexy factor, but what the hey, she has talent!