I got a Retro Phone!

I had no intention to go shopping over the weekend, all I had planned was to accompany the boyfriend for his shopping outing. He intended to buy pants and a couple of shirts. His mall of choice: The Megamall.

We initially intended to leave early (we were up very early on Sunday morning and watched ‘Real Steel’ in bed), but Amir happened. By that I meant, he ruled our morning and we just couldn’t leave as soon as we wanted. And we also had our mid-morning nap. Plus my Dad prepared Sunday lunch and I didn’t want to leave home and miss that. Smile

So anyway, we ended up arriving at the mall at around 5PM. We’d been to Mrs. Howard’s for a bite, and then a long queue at Megamall’s Parking Building C. It was a nightmare! I won’t ever park in that building again. It is poorly designed. Plus there was this dude who dared take my slot from me! I guess all that delay made me even more pumped up for a visit to Forever21. Yes, I was once again at my favorite store! Checkout my loot from the first visit.

So I guess you already know where this is going. The boyfriend knew it before I did, but I was really there to shop for myself SmileThese are what I came home with:

Source: forever21.com via Vera on Pinterest



Looks familiar? Yes, it’s pretty much the same as my first F21 skirt that also happens to be my favorite. I know this one will be another favorite. I love it!


Source: forever21.com via Vera on Pinterest



Now what about this open cardigan with crochet trim? I was drawn to it when I saw it. I love that it is black AND colorful.

I wanted to try on some sparkly blouses and a dress, but maybe now’s not the time for those. I don’t any events they’d be appropriate for anyway. But next time.

And of course, I wouldn’t leave that store without a stash of lovely accessories!

Source: forever21.com via Vera on Pinterest

Source: forever21.com via Vera on Pinterest



No dangling earrings this time. Smile

As F21 was our first stop, the department store was next. Sadly, Alfred didn’t find anything that he liked so it really ended up being my shopping day. We didn’t leave SM without picking this up though:

Source: instagr.am via Vera on Pinterest



I bullied Alfred into getting me this Retro Phone, on sale for only PhP 399.75 for SM Advantage customers. Got him convinced it’s be a most appreciated post-Valentine’s gift. It’s available in all SM malls and comes in a variety of colors. I was tempted to get the pink one, but the red one was calling to me too. They have it in dark blue and yellow too. It is lightweight and if you already bring a bag everywhere, it won’t take up too much space (be creative!).

I first saw this handset at the Dimensione, but it is way pricier there, so this was a good deal.  I’d been using it for my phone calls today and I even hooked it up to my work PC to listen to calls in lieu of speakers/earphones.

What a day it was. So much shopping done in under 2 hours. Of course I could have bought a new computer cabinet instead, or saved the money for our bike fund, but isn’t this more fun? Smile