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Thank you for finding your way to verabear.net, where I share my pursuit of a life of Excellence.

Pursuing Excellence – A Manifesto

The Oxford Dictionaries define Excellence as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Pursuing excellence means giving your best at anything you do, and in all your relationships. It is having passion for achievement, and success. It is believing in your greatness, and recognizing your strengths.

I believe that each of us have the requisite talents and skills to be good at what we do – to be great at anything we want to do. Growing up, I’ve tried to do so many things and I found that I pretty much could do well when I put my heart into it. Wherever I would go, I would do good. I don’t remember why or how, but many years ago, my Dad told me this — in whatever you do, do your best. Otherwise, it’s not worth doing.  He was so right. If something is worth your time to undertake, then it’s worth your best.

Some years ago, my head was (gratefully) knocked into sense and I was reminded to do good in anything I do. There was a phase in my life that I settled in mediocrity. I know now why and how it happened, but I cannot and should not hide behind excuses. So I chose to forgive myself for my past mediocrity and then move forward.

I know now that along with integrity and family,  my core value, my virtue is EXCELLENCE.

Share in my journey as I get back on track in pursuing excellence.



Verabear, as far as I can remember, is a moniker derived from the pet name my Papa (maternal grandfather) called me by. I started actively using it back in college as a result of wracking my brains for the best username for my very first Yahoo email.

As a young girl, I loved reading story books. Later on, I moved up to novels. I wrote stories too, though none were finished. Just as much as I loved to read, I found that I enjoyed telling them too. Blogging has become an avenue to tell stories; here I’ve found a ready ear for the stories that I’m bursting to share..I am happy to receive visits from friends and strangers alike, and I love getting comments! I’ve blogged since 2004, checkout my very first blog post on Tblog.

My day job is actually a night job – I have built a career in the country’s thriving BPO industry after leaving a life of service (NGO). Currently a Senior Manager for Operations. Living in Quezon City, Philippines, with my husband, Badong and our two dogs Chiclet Onyx and Sirius Black.

The gallery above is a random collection of photos from previous posts. The blog is currently under construction but feel free to checkout my Archives (links at the Footer), or through the links on the Sidebar.

Between the Covers is where I write about the books I read, and the movies I’ve seen.

Thanks for your time and I hope to get to know you too!

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