7 random facts about yours truly

I did not visit digital scrapbooking blogs over the weekend because I was catching up on reading local gossip, as I mentioned in my previous post. So when I saw Vicki’s comment today about the tag, I was thrilled.

I enjoy visiting Vicki’s blog and it is NOT just because of the freebies that she gives away. Oh okay, in the beginning that was the draw to her site. She designs kits that are vibrant and colorful. But that’s not all, she also talks about her life and posts pictures of her dogs Pompey and Lily (those two are superstars!).

Anyhoo, so she tagged me today and the reason it’s special is that I’m just one of her regular readers. I just pass by and politely say thank you for her gifts. I didn’t think she would remember me for a tag, know what I mean? But I’m happy that she did 🙂

So here are 7 random facts about me:

  1. I was a Sunday School girl. Me and my friends always looked forward to all the fun we would have on Sundays. I especially remember and enjoy the productions we would put up every Christmas and in the summer.
  2. I am a thespian at heart. I used to be part of a children’s theater group. I loved acting onstage and singing most especially. Later in highschool, I preferred being backstage and cherished those times that I was part of productions that people loved to watch.
  3. My secret wish is to become a Stay at Home Mom when my time comes.
  4. I belt out and really sing my heart out whenever there’s Videoke around. My brother bought one but you can’t hear sound from the mic so much. Apparently, we need to buy an amplifier for the sound to be really great. I am so tempted to spend on that amplifier, but I am leaving it up to my brother to make that purchase too.
  5. I am a chocoholic, so is the rest of my family. Which means there’s one choco hazard or another for our little Zune here. We’re careful about choco crumbs and we keep him off the sofa whenever we share chocolate bars. Hehe.
  6. Through my cousins on the mother’s side, I have three nephews aged 3-7 and 4 nieces aged 8-12. From cousins in my father’s side of the family, I have 4 nieces aged 1-14, and 4 nephews aged 1-5.
  7. I am checking out options for me to attend a baking course this summer. I really hope I can make it happen.

So those are my 7 random facts. I tried not to repeat things that I’ve already posted about at one point or another, but that’s hard because I ramble on and on about this and that!

I am now tagging three wonderful women. Girls, please write 7 random things about yourselves. Link back to me. And then tag three others 🙂

Tracy – She’s a very talented designer who lives two cities away from me. I’m hoping we could meet up soon sis 🙂

Kiss – I see this mom of 3 every night at work, but there’s no time to just chat no?

Everth – Classmate from gradeschool through highschool. Mommy to Vien. Kakainggit mga posts mo about projects with Vien! 🙂