Birthday thoughts

What was on my mind on my 27th birthday?

> I want a new phone. My old one is falling apart. (I did get a new one! Read about it here.)
> We should have sold my iPaq PDA when we had the chance to break even.
> Brendan Frasier has the body of a hottie!
> Science can be fun!
> My nephews and nieces make life sweeter.
> What is the deal with the Reproductive Health Bill? Let’s give the people at least a chance to make their own informed choices!
> I just have to use my PDA again, so at least it wouldn’t have been money wasted (refer to second thought).
> I should scrap about my phone(s).
> I really prefer Red Velvet Cake today 🙁

There were other things, for sure, but these are what I can still remember.

Oh well, tomorrow’s another workday (actually, it’s later).