Lung Center Sunday Market

My boss is really nice. He lets me come in for a later shift on Fridays and Saturdays. I take advantage of this for when I want to do other stuff during the day, so I’d come in at around 6PM. Since Alfred now comes in at night, there were some Saturdays when I actually stayed at work until his shift ended at 5AM on Sunday. This weekend was one of those days.

We left the office a few minutes after 6AM (Alfred also had to render overtime), and I suggested we visit the Lung Center Sunday Market. My parents had been there two weeks ago and picked up the new members of our family. The Market was also featured in Yummy mag’s May issue. Off we went.

I got a pink leatherette apron that was really designed for when you wash the dishes. So I do use it now when I do that, and I’ll be using it too when I make truffles and when I finally go back to baking. I thought it would be hot to wear, but it hasn’t been. The material actually feels lightweight.

We had breakfast at one of the stalls – Bicol Express and Beef Caldereta. In my opinion, it needed more salt to taste, but it was just right for Alfred. It was filling though, and did not cost us much. We also brought home prawns that my dad cooked for Sunday lunch!

I will definitely keep the camera in my bag at all times, I missed photo opps that day for not doing so! There are pictures in this post though.

We’ll be there again next Sunday – this time armed with a market list for what we really need for our food experiments the following week. Cooking Going there is a good reason to walk around too – something we should do more often!