Swimmer dog. Cupcakes. Plugins!

I woke up Tuesday to a very cool morning, and the first thing I noticed was the pitter patter of the raindrops. Last thing I remembered before dozing off was the sound of the wind outside. No, it wasn’t a howling wind, but you could definitely hear it.

A friend was supposed to come over before lunch and when he called to ask if the creek had already overflown, I said no without batting an eyelash. A few minutes later, I went down to take out the wet garbage and was shocked to see that I was so wrong. The flood waters had risen calf deep on the street and was just outside our gate. I had to stop my friend from coming over!

While I was chatting with my cousin who was standing watch, this man passed by with his dog. I thought they would surely turn back but they didn’t.

The dog was happily swimming in the flood! They didn’t walk the length of the road though, because it was getting deeper as they went farther from us. The guy led his dog towards the riprap alongside the creek and the mongrel walked from then on.

I’d have taken a picture if I had a camera with me at the time. I hadn’t anticipated a spectacle.

Cupcake charms!

I have new charms for my phone – cupcakes in a muffin pan!

These girls from work sell stuff over at Multiply but this one wasn’t even uploaded to the site yet. Isn’t it cute?

It was supposed to be a pendant but I don’t usually wear necklaces, so the girls offered to customize the chain for whatever purpose I was going to use the charm for.

The shell accessory you see there was from Alfred’s Boracay trip; the tiny purple rubber slipper is a freebie from Havaianas.

Worpress Improvements?

I wasn’t receiving new comment notifications in my WP admin email so I installed a plugin that would do just that. It doesn’t seem to be working though.

Chris, my first official commenter here, suggested a follow up comment notifier plugin so I got one too. But alas, it doesn’t seem to be working yet either.

I don’t have time to work on these anymore though so the improvements have got to wait til tomorrow.