Boo you PLDT DSL!

We are PLDT DSL subscribers. I don’t know exactly how fast our connection should be. I just know that since switching to their service, I have not gone a whole week of blissful Internet surfing.

I used to subscribe with Zpdee Cable Internet. I rarely had problems with that service. There was a time that they replaced my modem when I started having problems with the connection.

With PLDT? No matter how many times we call to complain, they say the same things over and over. They will have us run tests. Power cycle the modem. Directly connect the modem to the PC, rather than through the router. Check the IP. How many lights on the modem?

Then they will say that the issue will be escalated, and a callback will be made. By the time we get a callback, sometimes a week later, the problem, of course, would have corrected itself.

In the past, the problem would consistently crop up every Saturday around lunch time. Lately, it’s everyday at around lunch time. EVERY eff-ing DAY.

I’ve come to the point where I refuse to call them. Because they don’t really do anything. Alfred was insistent though, so he called today. Only to be asked to run the same things that we already do anyway. 

And to be told the same old thing: we will escalate, and have you called back.

Alfred has insisted they send someone to check our phone lines, the phone box, and the modem itself. No one has done that in the time we have been with PLDT. I don’t know if they will ever come. 

I’d love to say I don’t care, but I do. Because I cannot live without connectivity.

Meanwhile, I have about two thousand unread emails in one email account alone. I just haven’t had the patience to wade through them in the slowness that is my highspeed Internet.

Bleh. PLDT DSL sucks!