In a ‘bind’

I was so disappointed at the bookstore on Saturday, because I couldn’t find a 6×6 binder that I could use for Stories in Hand. I didn’t want to make myself one because I knew that would take me more time to accomplish, and it would just be pushing the project too far back as it is.

So I was so happy to have found this at the Duty Free Shop:

It looks bigger in the picture than it really is, it’s more the size of a regular notebook. It is bigger than what s specified for the project, but I bet that this is the closest that I would get. I’m starting to think that I probably should have bought more – this could be used for so many other purposes. Anyhow, only God knows when I would actually work on the cover and then the rest of the activities for the class but at least I’m a step closer now, right? 😉

So I survived my first night on the floor. I still have mixed emotions about this – still can’t say it’s a happy place, but I know I’m not miserable. There was this one girl who turned to me for help and I regret not having given her the answer my gut was telling me to – because it turned out to be correct. I hate being at this stage of any transition – the uncertainty and self-doubt. 

Good news is I’ve met about half of my team already and they seemed okay. No one looked as if they were measuring me up and I am looking forward to getting to know them more. I also had to iron out one guy’s schedule because he’s been coming in for the wrong shift for the past two days. It’s fixed now though, with not too much effort. I wish everything else that I would have to deal with would be as easy. 

Tomorrow (or tonight, depending on how you look at it) I’ll already have a Duty Manager (DM) schedule. The DM is responsible for what happens during his hours – this mostly applies for keeping service levels afloat, and taking note of possible spikes in volume. I already told my buddy that he’d basically have to cover that whole time that I’m on DM. He understands because I don’t have all the tools yet to make sure that I can handle it all on my own. 

I didn’t actually do much at work but I also did not feel sleepy. I guess something was pumping me up and keeping me awake…

I’ve actually got more to say, but now I really am sleepy. I am falling asleep on my keyboard!