Window shopping

Pardon the quality of the photo. This was taken with my phone camera, with a very unsteady hand. 

For the first time in a long time, I hung out with my friend Vanette at work this morning, before I went home. She had mentioned that the bazaar space was now being occupied by an appliance store so we went to check it out. We admired these 20 inch Sony LCD/HD TV’s that can also be used with a PC.

These would actually look perfect in my room! 

They are pricey, just as all LCD TVs are. There was this flat screen TV whose front looks like it’s a Plasma TV but it isn’t. Hehe. I’m going to drag Alfred over there tomorrow morning to show him. He’s been telling me that we should get a TV in the room for the longest time. Ours is the only room in the house that doesn’t have a TV. 

Vanette and I are in the same account again , but she does the schedules for those in the Clark site. So though we’re in the same family, we won’t really be dealing with each other professionally. She told me something today though, something that doesn’t make me particularly happy. I’m not at the liberty to share what it was about, but I will say that at this point, things are getting bleaker and bleaker. 🙁


The other day I was watching How do I look? which is a makeover show where they would throw away the old “hideous” clothes of the target, and then three  accomplices would each shop for three different sets of outfits that the target would then choose from. There were these ankle boots that looked so beautiful off the woman, and looked even more surprisingly great on her. 

I’ve never worn boots in all my life. Not even wellingtons, haha. Sometimes when we’re out shopping, I admire beautiful boots but the boyfriend always steers me away from them. Yeah, they’re not exactly like me, not for my lifestyle and personality. But that shouldn’t stop me from trying one on should it?