Stories in Hand

Back in the 3rd week of October, I excitedly signed up for a class at called Stories in Hand. It’s a brand new class that teaches Jessica’s own system of making sure there is a way to tell the stories that one would love to tell – in one way or another. Oh, and it’s a free class too.

It started on Monday, but I haven’t done a single thing – save from readig the daily email, and the instructions for each of the four days that have passed.

But I really love what I’m seeing of the class so far, and I really really want to do it. So tomorrow OR Saturday, I will make sure that I pass by the bookstore and pick up some supplies that I will be needing for the class. I should have done that weeks ago (not that saying so will change anything).

Though free, it is a copyrighted class and I don’t think it’s appropriate to share too much about it right here – specially the principles. But I would sure love to show off my binder when I’ve made it 🙂


Food Fight

Alfred and I almost broke out fighting this morning – over food. 

Nope, he wasn’t telling to stop eating. Nor was I telling him how much he’s been eating. We woke up at lunch (or rather I did, he was already awake) just in time for my brother to yell up the stairs to let me know that he and his girlfriend were going to the grocery. He didn’t mention lunch so I assumed it was each to his own for the day. So Alfred and I decided that he’d fry luncheon meat for our lunch – and cook rice too. 

Before he did all that, he asked me to ask my brother (through SMS) if they were lunching at home – I told him they probably weren’t and to just cook enough rice for the two of us. Just before sitting down to eat, I finally called my brother to ask him to pick up some dog food but they were already heading home. And he said that he was cooking pasta and we shouldn’t have cooked lunch. I said that was okay. But Alfred was listening – and then started complaining about how I should have called earlier and we wouldn’t have had to cook yadda yadda yadda. 

We exchanged words and stares and yet we still, eventually, sat down to eat together. Crisis averted.

In the end it was still the right move to have fixed our lunch – otherwise, we would have dined an hour later. If I was in a hurry to get to work, I wouldn’t have been able to eat.

I’m sure boyfriend was thinking about how it should have been me worrying about what to cook or what we’ll eat. He’s definitely said that many times before. But there’s just not a lot that I can cook. I can fry without any assistance – and that’s pretty much it. There are perhaps one or two easy green bean recipes that I can cook (including one that he actually loves), but the ingredients aren’t always available in the house. 

But surely, in his eyes, it all boils down to how lazy I am when it comes to things like this. The truth? I am lazy. Haha!