Christmas Shopping

We only really started Christmas shopping yesterday, and it was crazy. I felt like I had already given every gift imaginable to the kids on our list in past Christmases, it was so difficult to find something I think they would like, would fit them, or would amaze them. 

Apart from the variety of items to choose from, it was really disheartening how much things cost now. For the amount we had on hand yesterday, we used to be able to buy gifts for all the kids in the family. Yesterday, we only found gifts for less than a third of our list, but we already halved the money! Crazy!

What’s even more crazy is that we found more things for Alfred and myself, than for my nieces and nephews! Alfred got an Adidas Japan jacket – something he has really wanted since the start of this year. I got a HUGE red Nike jacket. Haha.

Considering that I had already bought myself a present for Christmas – Frankie –  I really shouldn’t be buying anything more for me. So though I dreamt of buying an XboX 360 last night, I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing that anytime soon.

So we’re also shelving the idea of getting a TV for the room. Mine is the only room in the house (not counting the bathrooms of course) that doesn’t have a TV. Because the room is really tiny, there was initially the question of what size to get and where to put it. Then we thought we’d just get it it’s own TV stand that we can also use to store our other stuff.

Anyway, the TV will have to wait a few more months. 

We’ll still be squeezing in some more Christmas shopping between now and the 24th.  If I really can’t do it, then my Mom and Dad will. Maybe they have more patience for this. This used to be my thing, you know? Christmas shopping was something my brother and I did on behalf of my parents; then Alfred tookover the task with me. But since last year, I’ve just lost some of the energy for it. Bleh.