Bolt and the Firehouse Dog


One afternoon, we saw two dog movies one after the other. The first one was the animated film Bolt. We saw it because Esban and AJ came up here and they knew we had it on DVD and they insisted on seeing it. The next one was a movie from a few years ago (honestly, I hadn’t heard about it) and was showing on cable, Firehouse Dog.

We could not help taking note of the similarities between the two dogs: both were celebrities who had spunk and extraordinary spirit. Both also had to save their humans from a fire. 

Bolt was like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show. He believed that he really was the superdoggy he portrayed on film/TV. And no one could blame him either. They paid extra care to make things very real to him. But knowing otherwise when he finally came out and had to fend for himself didn’t really crush his spirit did it? Well, okay, he was in denial for the most part. But what was important was he kept moving and striving towards his goal. In the end, he proved what a real superhero he was.

For the Firehouse Dog, he was really an extraordinary dog. I wish Zune could do his tricks, specially the cleanup part. Haha. For this guy, real-life heroism worked for him that he turned down his movie career and endorsements to stay with his firehouse family. What a waste, haha.

But seriously. Dogs could really be very loyal companions, and that’s what those two were.