Winning streak

Remember how I’ve never won any blog contests or giveaways, or even real-life raffles ever before? And then all of a sudden I won the pre-party at Mammadawg’s, right? Well a few days after that, I received notification that I won another bloggy giveaway! What are the odds, huh?

I won David Baldacci’s Divine Justice audio book from This Book for Free! What’s even more surprising is that I never intended to enter the drawing, I was just commenting on the post because my dad reads Baldacci and I know he doesn’t have that title yet. I wasn’t entering because they only ship to US and Canada addresses. Since I won though, I decided to have the prize sent to my ninang (godmother) who now lives in California. I hope she enjoys listening to it 🙂

I wonder if this is the start of an exciting winning streak for me, or if it would be too much to ask to win in more contests and giveaways. I guess I’ve been blessed to win those draws because I joined without really expecting to win. So that’s what I’ll do in other contests too. 


Business ideas

Dad and I were casually talking about business ideas on Sunday morning – coming up with businesses we could venture into and have a chance to succeed in. Of course I told him he’d have to buy me an oven finally. He says he’d happily support a baking business if I would really put my heart into it. That he would support me if it was for business rather than just for hobby.

I also pitched the idea of getting a franchise of this yummy siomai stands that Alfred and I have taken a particular liking to. I tasted them first on our latest Quiapo/Divisoria excursion, and then again in Greenhills. Those dumplings are so addicting! They surely taste better than HenLin’s, hehe. The key would be to find the best location, and I’m sure it would be a hit. I was initially thinking of checking how much space would cost at the front of our office building at Mo.Ignacia, but Trinity would probably be an even better location.

Well, nothing’s final yet and I don’t really know if we will end up doing business, and if we will, if it will be in the food industry. I do love the idea and am excited about it. 🙂


Green lunch


The greens looks so green don’t they? I chopped these veggies up, and am proud of it, haha! Alfred cooked up a good sinigang, if I say so myself. He’s mighty proud of himself he blogged about it. Though he enslaved me and had me chop chop chop, I didn’t mind it so much 🙂 Lately we’ve been cooking lunch rather than calling for delivery/takeout. Saves quite a bit of money, I reckon. Healthier too. I wonder what it’ll be next week…