Payday Bazaar Finds


One thing I truly look forward to every other Friday, apart from getting my fortnightly pay of course, is the Payday Bazaar that we have at work. I used to participate there, along with my cousin Freedah but we’ve long since given up on that particular business venture. There was a time that I looked forward to the children’s books sold at the bazaar and I picked up many books from there throughout the years. Books that my nephews (and nieces too) have really enjoyed and learned from. There’s also a lot of food stuff at the bazaar. I always look forward to getting either a pasta fix, or California maki. I’d sometimes get ref cake like the Congo Mango Arianne once made, or even small cups of blueberry cheesecake. I used to also take home packs of chocolatey stuff. 

Last night, I got mini chocolate cupcakes and gave one piece for each of my agents, in celebration of a teammate’s birthday. Hehe 🙂 It was yummy and it was good that they were bite-sized. 

Before going home this morning I checked out this new seller. I wanted to get a keychain/bag charms from her but I had to admit that they weren’t really a need for me (but they were so cute and would show the shopaholic in me – really very kikay, haha), I also wanted a clip-on light that she was selling. Ah, and there was this bag that was really just screaming at me to take it home!

I settled for these two items though – items that seem more suited for boys than a girly girl like me. Haha.

That’s a no-battery flashlight. Rechargeable by just pressing on that thingie on it’s side. I wouldn’t have to ever buy batteries for it! Plus it’s a stress reliever. 🙂 The other one is a set of cute screwdrivers! Haha! The size is just perfect for those small screws on the PC, or on mom and dad’s (and Alfred’s) glasses, and on Frankie’s lenses. We’ll never have to look for just the right size of Phillips screwdrivers!

I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but these items satiated my shopaholic fix for the day – at bargain prizes too!