Taking photos

When I bought Frankie in November, I knew this year was going to bring me a lot of photos. I knew that I was going to take more photos, that most would be crappy, but that in time they will be better. Sadly though, I have not been using Frankie as much as I want to. I guess I am too much of a sucker for instant gratification that having to wait for the photos to be processed (and bringing the film for processing) just isn’t working well for me. The functions of the camera are just not making much sense for me because I don’t see the results right away. Even if I see the photos after processing, I don’t know the settings I used anymore. There’s probably a method to it, but I don’t have that method as of yet.

So am I giving up on Frankie? No no no. If anything, I want to find more time and opportunity to use her and learn her secrets. 

Doing Project365 this year was a very good decision. I find myself putting thought into photos I take. I don’t just point and shoot anymore. Okay, that’s a lie, I still do. But I think of ways to make a photo look better without resorting to post-editing them with software that’s always readily available to me. I think about the pros and cons of using flash, and I try to adjust ISO on my digicam too. With a digicam, it’s so easy to do this. To shoot, check, adjust, re-shoot. With Frankie, it’s impossible.

When I’m using the digicam instead of my camera phone to shoot a photo for the day, I usually take so many shots before I decide on the best one to use. It’s like kissing so many frogs before finding my prince charming. Surprisingly, I don’t get frustrated with the whole process. I don’t mind re-shooting. I guess that’s because most of my subjects are inanimate. So if I’d have to take photos of moving and breathing stuff – that would probably kill me. Haha.


*Background paper is from Valorie Brown’s Ture Colors Kit