You Changed My Life

We finally saw the sequel to Laida Magtalas’ and Miggy Montenegro’s romance which started in the movie, A Very Special Love.  I must admit, it probably did not top the first one, but it was still good.  This movie is set six months after the initial romance, and Director Cathy Garcia said it best – it tells the story of how they are living out the fairy tale (doesn’t that just beg the question: are there really fairy tale endings?).


I missed some aspects of Laida’s character in the first movie though – there was no more reference to the belief in the goodness of each person, and no more sweet gestures like notes on coffee cups. She was so genuinely nice in Part I, why not continue that just for consistency? She didn’t have to just make coffee for the boss, she could have been portrayed to still be doing nice things for the others in her office, no? Here, her world was completely revolving around Miggy. He was no longer her direct boss, but she was more at his beck and call – to no fault of his really. 

There was actually a change in Laida’s character, she didn’t only become somewhat of a fashionista, but she actually started to love differently. In the first movie, she was not really expecting anything in return. Here – she was expecting so much. Miggy was actually sweet, in his own special way and I’m sure she appreciated it. But because she was giving so much of herself, just as in any other situation, she was bound to crash and burn.  I guess she had a very romanticized notion of love being about grand gestures and big sacrifices. We’ve got to accept though, that not everyone has the same capacity to love, and cannot make the exact sacrifices.

But, in fairness to Laida, if you get cancelled on so much and your relationship is reduced to phonecalls, text messages, and hatid-sundo moments, it can get quite tiring. Viewers can be more sympathetic to Miggy’s situation than Laida’s co-workers were because we can actually see his efforts to meet the commitments he’s made to her girl. I mean, it’s not like he was tormented every time he couldn’t make a date diba? 

And I’ve got to say – I liked how Makoy’s character added some contrast and conflict in the movie but I didn’t see sparks for Rayver Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. Maybe it’s just that we’re so kilig with the Sarah-Lloydy tandem that we refuse to be dazzled by a third party, but I don’t think so. I can’t think of any other character who would have clicked in that role though. Jericho Rosales maybe? 

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie even though we had not so pleasant neighbors behind us in the theater. It still is a hit!

We walked a bit around The Block after the movie and I found this wonderful shop and even took some pictures. Something to share tomorrow, so come back 🙂