The Soap Factory, Etc.

After seeing the movie yesterday, we strolled around The Block for a bit. 

I saw this store, and fell in love:


The Soap Factory, Etc just really drew me – nay, sucked me in! With such yummy colors and scents so delish, I’d have stayed to try each and every variant if I could. Their products are all hand made and all natural. The factory is in the shop itself, and you can sit and watch the staff as they make them!


Their space isn’t so big. It’s just this wall of shelves arrayed with their products, then the factory on the other side. There’s a private place at the end of the room.  By the entrance, that’s where their POS system is, and there are jars (what do you call them?) for their small selection of massage oils. 


I was short for cash so near the next payday (tonight, yay!) so I had to scrimp. I ended up going home with one slice each of the Geisha soap and Choco Cream (that’s what I remember their names are). You know I cannot resist chocolate, soap isn’t any different. 🙂 Each soap slice retails for 99 pesos, with a discount if you get a dozen. They have specialty soaps too that come in the form of your favorite desserts – cakes, donute, and yes, cupcakes too! They have about five product lines with one being Save Our Skin. I don’t have the details, but you can check out their site.

And you know what this is?


That’s the bag I used to take home my two slices. It’s a small reusable bag and they have bigger sizes too, and a few other colors, though I can only remember seeing pink and brown. A killer combination. Haha. Next time I go to The Block to buy soap, I’d be taking this bag with me. PLUS points for The Soap Factory. Now, I’ve saved the best photo for last. You saw the photo of the cashier and the display rack there right? The one that looks like what you’d see in cafes housing cakes and pastries? Well see what’s on the top shelf: