7th Heaven

I knew I must have had a post that mentioned the marathon, at least once. And I found it on my truffles post last year and in this post too.  I’m surprised there aren’t any from previous years.  Hmm…

Every year at Lent (for how long I don’t remember anymore), Studio 23 runs a 7th Heaven marathon at daytime.  And we always watch. Always.  I love this series, I wish they’d release a DVD set of all the seasons. I think it’s the only one I have yet to find. I’m not losing hope though, we did find the complete set of The ’70s Show didn’t we?

What year did Studio 23 start showing 7th Heaven?  I don’t remember. But I know that for years, we’d always tune in no matter what night it would be shown.  And even if I already saw it, I’d still see the marathon.  I really just love that family.  Ruthie used to be my favorite, but now that she’s so grown up, she can be bratty no?  I love Matt! He’s gorgeous isn’t he? Hahaha 🙂


That’s how they looked in the beginning, and they grew up right before our eyes.  Man, there’s a lot of kissing in this show haha. Now, more than ever, I want a DVD set of all the seasons! Someone find me one!

One thing I really miss about being in school or working elsewhere is having long holidays, having the week off for Lent.  Mom and Dad have been home all week, and though they didn’t get to leave, they were planning to drive somewhere, like what we used to do before. And I haven’t been to church once this season though I probably shouldn’t blame that one on work.  

Anyways… I was trying to find great deals on DSLRs, you guys know we’ll soon shop around for one right? I just don’t know where to look for a bargain, a camera shop that goes on a big sale maybe? Hehe.  Anyways, when you start looking around for a camera, so many sites featuring other gadgets try to  grab your attention too.  From jumping from one site to another, I found myself looking at featured deals at Buy.com.  It’s a wonderful idea to have comparison sites that help you find the best deals available.  If only there’d be something that would feature products that I can actually buy around here.

….OMG. The Glenoak congregation is singing You are my sunshine for the Reverend’s miracle, and I can’t help but feel like crying.  Not because i feel happy that the Rev is well.  But because it still reminds me so much of my grandma…