The photo I posted yesterday was taken using my new toy, a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens, slapped onto Maxine. I introduced her here.

It takes some getting used to, if you know what I mean. But I really quite enjoy using this wonderful gem of a lens. I took her with me to work yesterday, almost leaving the battery behind haha. I had a terrible headache while trying to work, and it was really bad timing because there was a mountain of stuff that I needed to do. I ended up being only about 60% percent productive on my official office hours, and having more stuff done after hours.

That was after I went down for a good brunch.

I hung out at Starbucks for about 40 minutes. Had Hungarian Sausage and Egg on Ciabatta bread, with hot White Chocolate Mocca. Elizabeth Gilbert kept me company.

50mm 032

I was recharged when I went back and sat in front of my computer. πŸ™‚

I must say though, that having a Starbucks brunch isn’t something I should be doing. I should be saving money, not splurging. I could have had a free meal at the pantry, or a less expensive meal at The Loop. But it felt like a simple pleasure that will give me much relief. It felt just like what I needed. And I was right, it gave me the lift I was looking for.

It meant though that I had to walk through the regular Friday bazaar at ELJ. And I ended up splurging on this:

50mm 043

This is a leather checkbook purse, all hand made locally. I have no intentions to take my checkbook with me every where I go so this one’s just going to replace my Le Sportsac (a fake really) purse. I love how the material feels on my hands. And the color, it’s just love! πŸ™‚ It cost me 580 pesos. I showed it to my mom today, and she wants one too.

Before I went home, I also picked up fudge brownies and chocolate cupcakes. Yummy. πŸ™‚

I got home and was finally headache free. Seems like all I really needed was some retail therapy. And a little splurge.