Allergic Rhinitis

After about two months of being sniffles free, my allergic rhinitis is back. My nose has been itchy, and sometimes I wake up with colds but it eventually goes away as the day goes. My eyes are watery again, and sometimes look tired. It’s probably my fault too because I don’t regularly take anti-allergy medicine, and I should do so at least every other day.

But what am I really allergic too? Probably dust. So we should change our bedsheets very often. How soon is that? Or, maybe I should get some of those allergy bedding I’ve seen around some sites. Maybe it will help? At least it will help eliminate the trigger of allergies overnight, it would be a whole different story when I get to work.

Anyhoo, I am really so happy because I got three ‘somethings’ today: a Windows 7 mousepad, and a Microsoft Arc mouse that is sooooo cool! And I also got The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

I hope to someday share the yummy food I make from Ree’s recipes 🙂