Body aches and colds

That’s what we keep on having. I almost always wake up feeling sore around the neck and shoulder area. Worse, I wake up with a very bad headache, just like what happened on Saturday morning. I have trouble going to bed too. I feel sleepy so I trudge over to my bedroom (or sometimes lay on the sofa), but then I lie awake for Gawd knows how long. Then there’s Alfred. He came home with colds yesterday and was really feeling sick. He says someone at work kept on sneezing right in front of him, and before he knew it, he was doing the same. Poor guy.

I think this started happening when I finished taking three months’ worth of the medication that the doctor gave me for my migraines. I don’t know if this means I’d already become dependent on the drug but I hope not. It’s just weird that I get headaches again now that I’m pretty much stress-free, at least compared when I still had my old post. Lol 🙂 But what about the boyfriend?

What’s actually common between the two of us is that we’ve stopped taking nutritional supplements due to lack of supply. I bought this certain brand several months back and we’ve already gone through two sets. There’s three of us who used to take them regularly, my mom included. I’ve meant to re-stock but it costs a sum and I don’t want to go all the way to Makati to just get one set. I realized just now that I could actually have them shipped to me without added cost. Although, another option would be to buy through another friend who is actually thinking of signing up with that company too. I’d get my fix, and I help her get setup with that business at the same time. So I just have to cough up the cash for it. Hmm…

Of course, all this can actually just be further signs that I am once again gaining weight instead of losing it. I have to do something about this once and for all! (I know I keep on saying it. Empty words, no actions… sigh)