Birthday Girl!

Thank you, it is a happy birthday 🙂

Granted, there are some things I wished were different, but there’s more that I wouldn’t change.

Like my family. And just being surrounded by people who love you and genuinely care about you. People who, when they greet ‘happy birthday,’ only have the fondest memories of you and truly wish you well. It’s family, by blood and by association.

Yep, even family at work, in and around FB, Twitterverse, and blog land. 🙂

Lord, thank you for all these blessed years. I know that you give us only what we deserve. There is something I am praying for, and it is for all the right reasons, if you hear me on those I’ll be the happiest trooper. Amen.

Sana hindi mawindang si Lord sa mga pinagdadasal ko. 🙂


For those wondering how photos from the S Phone looks like, here are a few samples taken Friday last week:

My Friday night baon.

Mirror shot. new hair for me! 🙂

Choco treats. Cheater. 🙂

That’s the biggest I could display them before they get pixellated. So, I’m not really very happy with the camera but it’s okay, I bring my Deena with me all the time anyway (most of the time). I still love my|Phone S Phone. Wala ka sa phone ko! lol 🙂 Although I think the new tag line is: My phone is sexy! 😉