No Network Detected

My PC is not connecting to the Internet, or to any network for that matter. The Network adapters are not being recognized at all. 🙁 The boyfriend already tried working on it, but he doesn’t have all day, so he gave up an hour or so later.

It’s probably a virus that caused the problem. 🙁 I swear, everytime the boyfriend goes heavy on his downloads, something happens to my PC. Wahaha. Of course he won’t admit to that. Officially, he’s blaming it on Windows 7.

I can still use the PC, but it will remain offline. Since what I need done has to be done online, I’m here stuck again on this small red notebook.


I want an iPad. Saw these cute iPad cases at the bazaar at work earlier. There were other nice items there too, like the music player. It runs on rechargeable battery, is very small it fits in your pocket. You plug in an SD card and it’ll play your music. Really loud too. Haha.

Maybe Alfred will get me an iPad as one of our five (or ten) meaningful gifts to each other on our wedding day. I know he’d love to get an LCD HDTV. C’mon! I said meaningful gifts, not expensive! 🙂

The only thing I bought from the bazaar today though was a necklace with this camera pendant, and a pair of G-clef earrings. I’ll show them off once the PC gets connected again.

My good friend Mayeen’s big date at the altar is happening tomorrow. My dress is back from the cleaners, I got shoes to match (pray I don’t slip or trip!). The only thing I gotta think about is how to get to the reception from the church; and how to tame my hair! Haha 🙂 My other girlfriends are meeting up at Arianne’s house to get ready and head to church together.

Anyway… this blog post is starting to look like expanded tweets rather than a decent real post. Oh well.