Melissa Shoes

Melissa is my new favorite brand of shoes 🙂

I’ve gone the jelly shoes route before, with my Grendha Pop Flocked flats, and then this year, another pair with low heels.

When I heard of Melissa, and saw their designs, I simply felt compelled to get one pair. I had my sights on the Little Prince line. Now I have two:

Doesn’t it just look awesome? Quite comfy too, once you’re used to wearing elevated shoes. Haha. I would have loved a red or purple one, but that would be too rad for a simple girl like me. Got my pair from the Geleia store in Trinoma last week.

Then I learned about a Melissa sale at ABS-CBN yesterday and I just had to check it out. Though I was off work Friday afternoon, I dragged the boyfriend there with me. He’s all for me getting a second pair, this time flats. He understood how I needed to retire my Grendha flats (it’s quite worn out already). Besides these plastic shoes can be used everywhere! I won’t even be scared to use it when it rains, it can be washed easily!

It was hard to decide which pair to get, specially since sizes and stocks were limited.

That one’s an Ultragirl Vazada with a glossy finish, and sling back. The Ultragirl Tinkerbell would have been my preferred design, but it wasn’t included in the sale. This one was so tempting. But this Adanna also got me thinking:

But it was this one that prevailed. It was the most comfortable among the ones I tried. Seriously. And it suits my wide feet better. I would have loved it in purple, but they didn’t have my size in that color. A bronze one would have been nice too, but they didn’t have those. Red? The boyfriend wouldn’t have it, lol. 🙂

It’s called the Night III. This is possibly the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. And I got them at over 30% off regular price 🙂

When was the last time you went shoe shopping?

It was raining while we were at ABS, and we checked out the other stores at the Christmas tiangge. One booth was selling slimming coffee. I’d heard of it before and read about it in some fat burner reviews. I didn’t get any though, because the seller completely covered whatever information there was in the original packaging. All they had there were promotional material, I couldn’t see any of the nutritional facts one would normally look at when buying any boxed goods. Grr.

When we finally got on a cab on our way to our second destination for the afternoon, I realized that I was going to miss that place when I finally leave. I’ll be starting work at a new company next month, see. I’ll be missing The Loop, my favorite bookshop, the frozen yogurt, BDO, among other things and people I’ll be missing from the company I’ve been with for five and a half years. Sigh. But there are exciting things to look forward to as well. So, no time to fret. 🙂