No complaints here :)

Wow. Have you noticed how many posts I’ve published here and at Between the Covers since yesterday? There’s a couple more coming your way. πŸ™‚ For a brief moment there I wanted to complain: it’s not easy to come up with meaningful posts every time. And then I caught myself in the middle of that thought. Dare I complain about receiving opportunities? No.

I am thankful that there are posts to write. Thankful for the experiences that I can write about. I cannot be more thankful that I have the time and the resources to sit here and type these words. That I had the life and upbringing that allowed me to know about these things and more.

I am thankful for the many opportunities that come my way. For the chance to grow and be better. For the chance to start fresh.

Yes, I may have sounded like I was complaining about my big appetite, but I am thankful that there was all that food to eat πŸ™‚ Reading alli reviews is not a sign that I’m ungrateful for all that food, but actually a sign that I’m interested in taking care of myself all the more by losing weight the safest way possible. πŸ™‚

And finally, I am so thankful for the many reasons I have to be thankful, and I will always be so. For the biggest gift we’ll all be getting this Christmas, thank you in advance Lord! We pray for a safe delivery, as we await the arrival of my nephew πŸ™‚ (have you seen his 4D pictures?)

Ooooohhh I almost forgot. Gee has been pointing out the HyperPromote pop up ads that go with the blog. Can someone out there help me identify where it’s coming from so I can take the code out of my blog? Please? Thank you!