4D Stills of The Baby Boy

Updates on my Hump Day post:

I went to my previous employer today but didn’t get everything done. The signatories for the clearance weren’t all there. I’d have to go back Monday night/Tuesday morning for IT clearance, and exit interview. From there we went to the clinic handling the pre-employment medical screening for the new company. Sadly, there was a long line of patients waiting to be seen and tested. In short, we didn’t stay. Clinic hours are 7am-7pm. I’ll go towards closing time on Monday instead.

Still no new ID for me. Good news is that my pimples have quite cleared out and the breakout seems to have subsided. Woot woot! So no unsightly pimples on my ID photo 🙂 Also, no need to get acne gels anymore.

But what I’m really excited to show here are 4D stills of my nephew! My brother and sister-in-law have not locked in on a name for the Baby Boy yet, despite the many suggestions I threw at them last week. My brother’s name is Vladimir, and his wife is Diane. What do you suggest for Baby Boy?

He looks so much like his Dad on the first photo! And of course my Dad had to comment that if that were true, then it means Baby Boy looks like him too. Haha, not really. 🙂 See the boxer stance on the second picture? He was even captured opening his mouth and moving around a bit. So cute! 🙂

We’re all so excited to have you Baby Boy, see you soon! 🙂