Career Choices

Back when I was a senior in high school, there were supposed to be career talks to help us decide what course to take for college. I looked forward to that, but I don’t think it happened for our batch. I sure wish it did.


Growing up I had many dreams. At some point I wanted to be an architect, then an interior designer. I remember a friend wanting to be a fashion designer. I think there is a phase in every little girl’s life when she pictures herself in medical uniform. But I don’t remember going through that phase. I grew up a stone’s throw away from St. Luke’s Medical Center and have family and neighbors who have become nurses and nursing aides, but the nurses scrub pants (no matter how colorful they’ve become in recent decades) just never appealed to me (except those worn by this male nurse I crushed on for a time).

Over the years as I became more exposed to social issues, legal thrillers, and as lawyer TV shows aired one after the other, I zoned in on the one thing I wanted to be – a lawyer.

That career choice was the reason I took up BA Psychology in UP. A few years later though, I gave up on that dream. I didn’t need to be a lawyer to “right” wrongs. I didn’t have to be a lawyer to keep on helping the kids and NGOs I worked with. And I didn’t like all the readings law students had to go through. Smile

So I started off on my adult life as an NGO worker. Now, I’m an operations manager at a BPO. Things couldn’t have been more different than where the younger me imagined I’d be. Though I am serious at my job and current career, I still dream of someday doing something else – becoming an entrepreneur. A successful home baker or pastry chef Smile

Or maybe becoming a teacher? Now, where did that come from?

Image lifted from this article, also about career choices.