I want coraline

Since seeing the animated stop-motion (amazing!) film Coraline, I can’t stop thinking about how I want all stuff Coraline!

I want an actual plushy, or the doll spy for the Other Mother, but these bendy ones are nice to look at too:

Coraline Dolls

And this set, although with the same outfits, has more interesting facial expressions! (Read the review on these dolls from Captain Toy):


This one you can’t take to bed with you:

Coraline Doll by SushiLuvZombie


Sigh. I want Coraline collectibles! I won’t shop for them, but if I see them in local shops I probably won’t be able to keep myself from buying! Hahaha.

Seriously. I want posters and miniatures of stuff from the film. If they had advertising flags or teasers I want those too. Have you seen the variety of teasers they had to promote the movie?

Oh and checkout Coraline.Com and have the circus mice do one like this for you Smile



Anyhoo. So much for a random post from me.