Free Popcorn

Maybe that’s the key – free popcorn! Key to what? Well, employee satisfaction!


Of course free popcorn is just the symbol. Unless you have something specific against popcorn, you will generally have thoughts of fun and leisure associated with it. After all, you mostly eat it while watching a movie. Eating popcorn is almost synonymous to kicking back, relaxing, and seeing a movie. Free flowing popcorn in the office may elicit positive feelings and may actually usher in the fun!

And it’s relatively inexpensive right? A commercial popcorn machine might have to be purchased, yes, but most offices already have microwaves in their pantries so that’s a good start if there’s no budget for additional equipment.

I’ve been thinking of ways to bring the fun back at work and somehow popcorn just popped in my head. It is comfort food, like chocolate. And it can be healthy granted there’s not much salt OR sugar thrown in. Or oil.

This site gives one a good idea on how much popcorn machine supplies cost. I wonder if it’s the same locally. I’m sure that if I raise this at work I will be asked about costs and ROI. Smile Seriously, we’ve been coming up with so many different things just to hype the floor and drive the vibe.

Maybe I’ll bring some popcorn to the next brainstorming session.