Crazy Ideas

I haven’t felt well in what feels like a long week and a half. Yesterday, I skipped what would have been my 7th shift at work for the week. To some that would seem like a nice way to get in three days for my weekend, but in reality, all I did was sleep and complain about how sore I feel etc. etc.

This morning is actually the first time I’ve felt good in days!

Yesterday afternoon, I forced myself out of bed because of Crazy Idea no. 1: I wanted to see Yeng Constantino in concert at the Aliw Theater that evening. I had to see if I could muster the energy to go the event before committing to it and buying tickets.

First off, we drove to an ATM machine. Then to Pag-Ibig near GMA-EDSA. Alfred got off and paid for my overdue loan payment while I waited in the car. I was hoping we’d go buy tickets after that, but sitting in the car didn’t do me any good – I actually felt more sick and somewhat nauseous. But I could still drive.

Next stop was early dinner. Yesteday’s choice was Jay-J’s Inasal in Timog.

We had Bulalo, one order of wings inasal, and ensaladang mangga. It was good! No photos of the food or the place though, just this crazy photo of badodong wondering what his cup size is (aka Crazy Idea no.2):

Photo Aug 05, 5 28 38 PM

Hilarious no?

Jay-Js in Timog pretty much has the same setting as their Ortigas branch. They had very minimal décor, just plain tables and a bench indoor on either side. In Timog, they have an outdoor section at the back – that’s where all those people disappear to! I’ve always wondered how the place could accommodate a big crowd (judging by the number of cars parked outside). Now I know. So yes they also have outdoor furniture bench. That’s also the smoking section (although I’m not sure if they still let people smoke given the new laws on smoking). In Ortigas (I had breakfast there with a colleague last week), they have a small outdoor area up front.

Despite having a wonderful meal, I still wasn’t up for any concert. I regretfully decided to give up on seeing Yeng in concert. The problem wasn’t in keeping up the energy for the concert, but for the drive home.

Rather than driving around in the sunset which was the initial plan B for the day, we headed straight home. But we didn’t really go home right away, we had the iPad with us and decided on an experiment.

Photo Aug 05, 6 30 05 PM

We parked outside the house and set up to watch a movie IN the car! Free movie, free aircon. We didn’t have flowing popcorn because we weren’t ready but that’s totally something we’ll do for next time. We didn’t finish the movie though (Inception, haven’t seen the whole flick until now!) because it actually felt stupid to be home but not be home. Haha. But it’s a fun new idea for movie date night, don’t you think?