Big Hearts for the Pangantucan Central Elementary School

Farm Girl Blogger friend Zoan is in need of big hearts to help her raise some money for her hometown school – the Pangantucan Central Elementary School.

A big fire razed the school last Friday, and nothing was saved. The Local Government is prioritizing the rebuilding efforts. The children must have their school back.



As for Zoan and her friends/townmates, they are pooling funds together and raising enough money to sponsor the school’s Drum and Lyre Band. Their town fiesta is happening soon and the kids are touted to play. However, all they’re instruments were torched in the fire. To make sure they have something to practice on, and that they perform, Zoan is hoping to raise enough money to sponsor a drum or two, or more.

I am pretty sure that the school needs so many things and they need them fast. The more they have to wait on funds and/or manpower to rebuild, the more that the kids are behind on their school work. I think it’s wonderful that Zoan is rallying people to take care of this one particular concern of the school band instruments. Somebody has to think about these things right?

Interested in making a donation? Hop on over to the the Farm Girl Blogger and find out how.