Customer Love for Elegant Themes

I work in customer service and know how it feels when the good you do is under appreciated, and the bad experiences are magnified three-fold. So I am taking the time out to say thank you to Nick Roach of Elegant Themes for very good customer service.

Last year, I was theme hunting and Elegant Themes seemed to be the perfect solution to my needs. It came highly recommended too.

But a year later and all I have is one site using one of their themes. They’ve got a lovely selection, but I just can’t get to customize them to my own tastes. It’s not their fault, I didn’t spend enough time learning to adapt the themes to what I wanted.

So last year I registered and every once and awhile I would go into my account and download themes and try them out. But I realized it would be a waste of money to renew this year if I wasn’t going to maximize the membership. I thought I had already cancelled the auto payment in Paypal, but I went in today and found that I had been charged for another year of Elegant Themes. I cancelled the auto renewal and then quickly sent an email via the Contact form at ET. I asked nicely for a refund, but I wasn’t betting on it.

I checked my mailbox a few hours later and there it was, I had been refunded. No questions asked, no deductions.

So thank you Nick Roach and Elegant Themes! That was classy. Smile