Make-Phoebe-Over Birthday Giveaway

I started stalking Phoebe’s blog due to last year’s Sweet November giveaway. When the giveaway was done and I didn’t win any of her fab packages, I stayed subscribed because I was interested in her product reviews. She’s a beauty blogger and sometimes I wish I was as savvy with taking care of my skin and face as she is.

For her birthday this year, she’s hosting another giveaway and there are 3 stashes up for grabs!


Each stash looks so full and a lot of beauty essentials in there too. SmileJoining is easy, and if you have a suggestion for Phoebe’s new do, then you’ll have an edge over other entrants. So head on over to Phoebeann.Com and learn more about this fantabulous giveaway!


I got a couple of things bugging me since last night, and that’s not good when you’re driving (believe me!). I’ll write about them too, unless other things takeover. So here’s a non-beauty related mini-rant: A little annoyed that my work PC wasn’t moved over the weekend. Maybe they can repair one of the unused pedestals there and replace the casters so I have some place to store my bag and papers instead of crashing in on other people’s workstations. Better yet, have the thing repaired so two of my TLs can share it (after waiting in line for over a year!).