Shopping for Gifts

With all the Black Friday sales ongoing in the US and online stores, now is a really great time to start Christmas Shopping. Here in Manila, bazaar season is starting too. I don’t remember bazaar shopping much last year, but maybe this time we’ll go to a bazaar or two (Greenhills not counted).

I’ve ticked a couple of names off my Christmas list already. I shopped through the convenience of the group-buying websites. I only get from the reliable sites, those I’ve tried before and personally used by friends. Got this to give my Dad, who doesn’t read my blog so it should be safe to say so here.


This is the perfect solution for him to take his favorite music with him in his car – which doesn’t have a CD player, just like mine. For my car we have the Garmin which not only helps with navigation, but is also an FM tuner for the iPod/iPhone. This player I got for Dad is already sold out, but CashCashPinoy still has an AVT GPS Navigator up for grabs, it plays music and videos too.

I also bought a deal from Groupon Philippines, one I won’t reveal because the intended recipients might be stalking my blog as we speak. SmileBut it’s a very good deal, the same type of product is available at Lock N’ Lock stores at a huge price difference. I was so stoked I bought two sets! So go checkout GrouponPh!

I still have quite a list to go through. I don’t know what to get my Mom yet. Although there’s nothing wrong to give generic gifts to specific groups of people, for my Mom I don’t want to get something like Sferra linens, kwim? I’d like to get her something really nice that’s for her and not for the whole household. So what to get for Ma? That Sony Cybershot DSC TX10 camera on sale from Amazon last night would have been a real good gift. I hesitated though so the ones on-stock now are not as cheap, but still marked down.

Anyhoo, how’s Christmas shopping going so far?