DIY Animal Mobile

At least five friends are expectant moms this year. Three are new mommies. I’ve been thinking of what to give them and I saw this today:

The pattern for everything on the mobile is for sale (at a very reasonable price). But I wonder how long it will take to actually make this? And could I make more than one? I sure would like to make at least one, and send it all the way to Dubai so Jo could have it for her first baby (best friend Jo who I haven’t seen since her wedding and is now based in Dubai with her husband).

Anyway, this will be one of those dream projects. Hmm..

Oh by the way (unrelated to the mobile) – does anyone know where I can take our Garmin GPS and have it serviced? It just suddenly stopped working. We’ve missed it and we’ve been using the maps on iPhone to navigate unfamiliar areas but it’s not as easy to follow while driving. I tried to run a search but what came up is the Garmin chirp, which is interesting, but not what I need right now. Any info would be highly appreciated!