Well, the time says 10:35PM, but it’s really more 10:35AM when I tweeted that on Wednesday. Smile I finally got a taste of Magnum ice cream that I’ve been hearing about all over the social networking sites. It was love at first bite! That Belgian Chocolate is yummy!

Richmond (Senior Line’s resident angry bird, at work) agreed to run to the Supermarket across our office building to get us a bar each. He was back very quickly. My Almond Magnum almost melted only because I insisted on taking these photos.

Photo Mar 08, 10 19 09 PM

The Magnolia Pinipig Crunch we grew up on is no match to this. The almonds are way better than pinipig, and the chocolate coating is just divine. The bar is thick, more than enough ice cream for one serving.

We’re a family who loves their ice cream and chocolate, and I couldn’t resist not sharing the Magnum goodness with the rest that same afternoon. So after taking my car for a much-needed wash, Alfred and I went to a supermarket to get some more.

This time, I tried the classic bar. And guess who loved his Magnum too?

Photo Mar 08, 10 23 53 PM

Yes, I had two ice cream bars in one day. I just couldn’t resist it. This afternoon, Alfred kept on hinting at wanting more and it took all my strength to resist grabbing the keys and driving off with him to the nearest 7/11. Even more to keep my hands off the last bar in the freezer – Dad hadn’t eaten his until after dinner tonight.

These bars are a delightful treat. They cost 50 pesos apiece so I don’t think I’ll be having these everyday. But one Magnum a day would really make me happy. haha! Smile